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Title Name of Faculty Research Area
Pattern formation in multi-scale systems
Dusty turbulence: How particles impact flow structures
Glaciers: Flow instabilities and Melting Dynamics
Mucus dynamics and transport in human-lung capillaries
State and parameter estimation of ensemble dynamics (TA only)
Microfluidic device for sperm analysis
Simulations for studying self-assembly in polymeric systems
Economic and life cycle assessment of sugar industry waste valorization
Development of a decision support system for technology adaptation in India to address climate change
Risk-based Optimization of Process Plant Layout
Topic 1. Development of efficient bioprocesses for the production purification and PEGylation of therapeutic proteins
Experimental investigation on particle laden turbulent jet
Microfluidic device for cell identification and counting
The phase behavior of connected hard and soft particles.
Distributed control of integrated networks
Integrated design and control of mixed energy integration
Optimal design of integrated process for renewable electricity generation
Optimal operation of batch processes with mixed energy integration
Phase behavior catalytic activity and preparation of bimetallic catalyst nanoparticles
Modeling and simulations of anti-HIV protein SAMHD1 (TA/FA)
Microfluidics based approach to drug encapsulation into microcapsules
Film formation and anti-microbial studies of nano-composite coatings (Joint supervision with Prof. Mahesh Tirumkudulu)
Computational Modelling of Mixing and Segregation in Crude Tanks
Liposomal Drug Delivery System
Measurement of Diffusiophoretic Velocities of Colloidal Particles
Enhanced Kinetic Sampling Methods for Biomolecular Simulations (TA/FA)
Risk-based Optimization of Investments for Managing Process Safety
Functional Nanoparticles: Experiments modeling simulation (TA or FA topic)
Investigation of CVD process in a spouted bed
Structure and Dynamics of Interfacial Water
Simulaition study of Enhance Oil Recovery
Sympatric speciation experiments in yeast.
Process Intensification through multifunctional reactors and catalysis
Jamming of Colloidal Suspensions
Studies in Biomass and waste gasification
Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulation for structure of fractal aggregates and their hydrodynamic properties
Gas separations by membranes
Bioprocess development for production of biosimilars (TA/FA)
Lithium Ion Battery - modeling and design
Thermodynamic study of polymer-grafted nanoparticle composites.
Development of Industrial Risk Acceptability Criteria for Emergent Economies
A general purpose dynamic process simulator
Prediction Of Phase Equilibria of Clathrate and Semi Clathrate Hydrate Systems
The role of shape in the self-assembly of polymer-grafted nanoparticles.
The role of impurities in the self-assembly of polymer-grafted nanoparticles.
Flow Assurance of Waxy Crudes in Pipelines
Topic 2: Non-stationary 13C-Metabolic flux analysis of non-model organisms.
Topic 3: Development of synthetic biology tools for cyanobacteria.
Simulation of Electroporation process using Dissipative particle dynamics for cancer treatment
Simulation of blood flow through capillaries
Chemical transport modelling and climate impacts from carbonaceous aerosols over India using WRF-CMAQ
Molecular Simulation Study of Natural Products: Application to Separation Processes
Sensing and removal of pollutants from water (TA or FA topic)
Mechanisms for failure in lithium ion battery
Hollow fiber membrane technology
Topic 4: Metabolic engineering of methanotrophs for the production of liquid fuels from biogas
Suspensions of Polymer Coated Colloids
Fundamental study of particle size reduction
Mathematical Analysis of Phoretic Motion
Aerosol synthesis of insulin containing nanoparticles for inhalation delivery
Jetting and droplet formation due to capillary-gravity waves
Development of decision-making framework for choice of appropriate super-critical fluid based micronization process
Understanding the Shear-thickening phenomenon
Developing optimal and resilient supply chains for perishable products
Atmospheric abundance and radiative forcing of carbonaceous aerosols over India resolved by source/sector using WRF-Chem
Modulation of Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha signaling
Topological analysis of TNFa signaling network
Modeling and experiments on chemical vapor deposition process in fluidized and spouted bed
Design and operation of a gravity-driven packed-bed filter for high throughput water disinfection by nanoparticles
Studies in Biomass and waste gasification
Phase behavior of mixtures of hard and soft particles
Effects of biomolecules on phospholipid bilayers
Neutrophil chemotaxis in microfluidic devices
Theory for liquids at interfaces
Nanomedicines: physico-chemical and biological studies
Materials for water purification and desalination (TA or FA only)
Design of nanoporous materials for gas separation (TA or FA only)
Design and synthesis studies of porous materials
Theoretical models to understand evolutionary processes.
Study of the structure and phase behavior of polymer-linked nanoparticles
Modeling and simulation of endoplasmic reticulum stress pathways (TA/FA)
Elasticity Relationships for Filled Elastomers
Accurate Molecular Models for Real Polymers
Quantification of metabolism in Escherichia coli under uncertain environments
Analyzing whole body metabolism in Humans for characterizing dissease states
Particle laden turbulent flows in complex geometry: modeling and experiment
Genomic study of antibiotic resistance mechanisms (TA/FA)
Atmospheric transport pathways and deposition of carbonaceous aerosols to Himalayan snow/ice surfaces using WRF-CAMx
Therapeutic Nanoparticles to counter drug resistance (TA/FA)
Assembly of Liposomes from Solution
Dissipative Particle Dynamics of bilayer membranes (With Professor Sameer Jadhav)
Stability of polymer-nanoclay composites
Phase behaviour of Janus nanoparticles in polymer melt
The role of surface roughness in colloidal fluid structure
Miscibility and percolation in polymer and grafted-carbon nanotube composites
Combinatorial Effect of Bio-Chemical and Mechanical gradient on Cell Migration and Differentiation: A micro-fluidic approach
Interfacial Properties of Janus Nanoparticles
Flow and Rheology of Suspensions of Aggregated Lipids
Fatty acid-Soap Complexes: Phase Behavior and Rheology
Simulations for modelling Rheology of Complex Fluids
Interaction of soft surfaces under lubrication
Advanced Optimizing Control of Fuel Cell Reactors
Enhancement of mass transfer on the ocean surface due to capillary-gravity waves
Improved electrochemical performance of SnO2-mesoporous carbon hybrid as a negative electrode for lithium-ion battery (TA/FA)
Experimental investigation of turbulent multiphase flows using particle image velocimetry (PIV)
Studies on Optimization of PSA Processes
Flow Assurance of Waxy Crudes in Pipelines
Bayesian State estimation and Nonlinear Control of Complex Distillation and Reactive Distillation Systems
Advanced Optimizing Control of Fuel Cell Reactors
Mechanisms for precipitation of nano particles by pressure reduction of gas expanded liquids
Cross-talks and information processing during TNFa signaling
Hot zone formation in autothermal packed-bed reactors
Simulation-based process design for gas phase adsorptive separations
Attainable regions for adsorptive separations
Implementation of a contact angle model into an in house developed CFD code
Cost Based Optimal Multivariate Alarm Management
Signal transduction during neutrophil chemotaxis on bioactive surfaces (TA/FA)
Cost based optimal sensor network design for multirate systems
Connecting genetic network response to metabolic network to characterize phenotypic response
Chemical Process Risk Management: Development of Societal Risk Acceptance Criterion
Modeling and Simulations (DNS) on Particle Laden Turbulent Suspensions
Understanding cell-material interaction in the context of stem cell biology
Design and synthesis of novel materials for carbon capture: Molecular modeling study
Influence of Cultural Attitudes on Process Safety Management Systems
Development of Risk-Criteria Incorporating Economic Indicators
Optimization of solid oxide fuel cell using experiments and modeling
Formation of self-assembled nanostructures in heteroepitaxy: Solar cell applications
Experiments and modeling of Lithium ion battery
Processing polyvinylidene fluoride films for piezoelectric applications
Design of Materials using Arrested Microemulsions
Real-time surgical evaluation of tumors using spectroscopy
Simulation of spherical and anisotropic Nanoparticles in laboratory and large scale processes 
Elasticity Relationships for Filled Elastomers
Molecular Simulation of Phase Transitions in Polymers 
Structure­-Processing Analysis of Biodegradable Lactic Acid Polymers
Ab Initio Protein Structure Prediction 
Synth.  Value­ Addn and Processing of PLA PGA  and their copolymers via cost effective ecofriendly processes
Synth. Value­-Addn and Processing of Biodegradable Poly(L­-lactic acid) Nanocomposites with Cellulosic (“Green”) Nanofillers
Nanoindentation and Modeling Studies of Polymer-­Metal Thin Films
Study of kidney stone formation using molecular simulation
Development of a novel bacterial expression and catalysis system
Reaction Engg Studies in carbon Nitrogen Removal in Soil 
Carbon & Nitrogen Removal from Water
No TA position available
Effect of electric field on drop  vesicle and cell deformation
Peptide immobilization on polymer-grafted surfaces for biosensor applications (TA/FA)
Mathematical modeling and computer simulation of self-assembled nano-capsules (TA)
Cell spreading and motility: Mathematical modeling and computer simulations (TA)
Modeling and Control of CO2 valorization processes
Combustion control for energy efficiency enhancement
Genetic engineering for production of aromatic products
A systems biology approach to elucidate stress response networks in Mycobacterium smegmatis. (TA/FA)
Understanding the Swimming Mechanism of a Bacterium
Systems Biology of Protein Secretion in Recombinant Mammalian Cells (TA/FA)
Metabolic Engineering of Cyanobacteria for enhanced biofuel production.
Biomimetic Scaffolds and Reactors for Tissue Engineering
Applications of Nonlinear State Estimation To Diagnosis and Advanced Control of Bioreactors
Scaling Model for Atmospheric Pollutant Dispersion and Effects on Regional Climate
Engineering ketoreductase enzymes for chiral synthesis
Molecular Modeling of Elasticity of Spider Silk and Related Biopolymers
Supercritical Fluid-based Nanoparticle Production: Theoretical and Experimental Studies
Distillation and combined reaction-distillation systems
Stability Of Single And Double Emulsions
Production of cellulases
Control of noise propagation during TNFa signaling
Hot zone formation in autothermal packed-bed reactors
Mechanical properties and biocompatibility of polymer hydrogels for tissue engineering applications (TA/FA)
Liposomes for targeted delivery and controlled release of anti-inflammatory drug (TA/FA)
Aerosol synthesis of lipid nanoparticles with hydrophilic cores for multiple drug encapsulation
Simulated moving bed reactors
Process development studies in multifunctional reactors
Studies in CTL (coal to liquid) technology
Granular segregation and packing in surface flows
Vesicles in shear flows
Microreactors: Experiments and modeling
Atomization: Break-up of thin liquid sheets
Characterization of Conducting polymers
Carbon sequestration using carbon dioxide absorption in aqueous mineral  suspensions
Multi­scale simulation of anisotropic Nanoparticles