process and product development

Design of robust optimal heat exchanger networks

Heat exchanger networks are designed with an aim of optimal performance at the design steady stage. This does not guarantee that in the presence of unanticipated (temperature, flow, UA) and planned (temperature, flow) disturbances, the designed network will still be optimal. To this end, this project aims at designing a network which will be robust enough to tackle these disturbances while maintaining optimality of operation. Continuous as well as batch heat exchanger networks will be targeted.

Process and Product development in Jaggery (non-centrifugal sugars) making

ITB is working on a government sponsored umbrella project to uplift the jaggery business in India making it profitable and sustainable thereby creating a promising livelihood option for farmers. There is a team working on it and a new startup is formed to commercialize the research findings in the project. 

Chemical sensor development for water contaminants and technology for their removal

Continuous monitoring of water quality parameters, like total dissolved solids, heavy metals, inorganic ions, organic pollutants an important measurement, to ascertain quality and use of a water body. This is critical for both a flowing water-stream (river, canal) or a stagnant water-pool, like a lake.