Post-Graduate Admission


Admission details (

Admission requirement

Candidates with a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering or equivalent and with a valid GATE score in Chemical Engineering are admitted to the M.Tech. programme in Chemical Engineering.

Direct admission

Chemical  department offer direct admission to the limited number of candidates solely based on higher GATE percentile. However a candidate may not accept the direct admission offered and choose to appear for written test/ interview in discipline of one's choices.

Application categories and financial support

Candidate with a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering or equivalent and with a valid GATE score in Chemical Engineering  is required for admission to the M.Tech. programme in chemical engineering.


The students joining M.Tech programme will be considered for Teaching Assistant ships based on the following norms:

  •  Students who have valid GATE score will be considered for TA. The amount of the  assistantship is Rs. 5,000/- per month.
  •  Students getting the assistantship will be required to assist in teaching or research, as assigned by the department, to the extent of 8 hours per week.
  •  The continuation of the assistantship will be subject to satisfactory performance of the duties assigned by the Department/ Centre as well as satisfactory academic performance (maintain SPI/CPI of 6.00 at the end of each semester).
  •  The assistantship will be available for a maximum period of 24 months and studentswith TA have to complete M.Tech. porgramme in two years.


  • Depending upon the requirements, department may induct one Research Assistant every year.
  • Students who have valid GATE score will be considered for the Research Assistantship.            
  • The amount of assistantship will be Rs. 6,000/- per month.
  • These Research Assistants have to look after the laboratories and also assist in teaching or research or other work assigned by the Head of the  department.             
  • They are required to work for about 20 hours a week. They have to complete the M.Tech. Programme in three years.


  • Project staff students will be required to assist as assigned by the principal investigator ofthe concerned project.
  • Candidate selected under this category should have either valid GATE score or 2  years of relevant work experience.
  • They are required to work for up to 10 hours a week.
  • The maximum duration of this M.Tech academic programme is 3 years.


Permanent staff members having worked for more than 2 years at the Institute can join the M.Tech. Programme. The admission criteria is same as to the sponsored candidates


The Institute also admits a limited number of students under self financed category on the basis of their GATE percentile and performance in written test/interview. These students have to support themselves fully.



With a view to encourage its own employees (Project and Institute staff) as well as persons working in Industries the Institute admits a limited number of sponsored candidates to the M.Tech. Programme. It is expected that such candidates, after successfully completing the programme are better equipped to work in organizations sponsoring them.

The admission procedure for sponsored candidates will be as follows:

Sponsored candidates from recognized Academic Institutions, with valid GATE score and some professional experience, will be treated on par with other candidates having valid GATE score during selection.
Sponsored candidates with more than two years professional experience and without valid GATE score can also apply for admission. Their selection will be subject to satisfactory performance in a written test and an interview to be conducted by the Institute. The written test will be conducted to examine their knowledge in the discipline of their basic degree which forms the prerequisite for admission to the corresponding specialization of the M.Tech. Programme. To be eligible for admission, the performance in the written test/ interview should be comparable to that of the last general candidate admitted to that specialization. Such candidates should have obtained at least 60% marks or equivalent grade in the qualifying examination

Areas of Research

The research activities of the department encompass Process Modelling, Simulation, Computer Aided Design, Optimization and Control, Transfer Operations, Separation processes, Petrochemicals, Electrochemical Processes, Thermodynamics, Colloid and Interfacial Science, Microstructure Engineering, Supercritical Fluid Extraction, Membrane Processes, Polymers and Advanced Materials, Reaction Process Engineering, Carbon Molecular Sieves, Pressure Swing adsorption, Pollution Control, Bio-and Food Processes, Fluidization.

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