The Department Library maintains a significant number of books, accessible to the members of the department.

The ChE Library will now be open to all 2-year MTech and PhD students of the ChE Department. Details are as follows (subject to modifications with experience):

  1. The timings will be from 9-30 am to 5.30 pm (minus lunch break from 12.45 to 2.15 pm), click here for detailed Time Table . One TA will be sitting in the ChE Library with all the almirah keys.
  2. The books will have to be read ONLY inside the ChE Library room...they will not be allowed to be taken out of that room, even for short times.
  3. The student will have to hand over his ID card to the TA before he/she takes out any book (the student will need to locate the book and take it out and keep the book back him/herself)
  4. As of now, the ChE Library is also being used for meetings. During these times, the ChE Library room will not be available for use for reading. 

The library catalogue of books, issue, return, and acquisition is maintained in a separate server.It is managed by the Integrated Library management System (ILS) called Koha. Click to Enter Koha Library Interface. Login using your IITB-LDAP credentials to check for issue status. Library staff should use this interface to manage the library.