Undergraduate Project Topics

Undergraduate Research and Design projects are offered as part of BTP and SLP credits (available only for fourth year B.Tech and DD students). Please find a link to the allotment rules here. Please contact the respective faculty for more information. Faculty can add new projects to this list by accessing this link (after logging in with their LDAP credentials). 

Name of Faculty: Supreet Saini
Title Floated On
How do new species form? (experiments) 26 Jul 2023
Codon usage in membrane proteins. 11 Jan 2021
Name of Faculty: Jason R. Picardo
Title Floated On
Liquid-liquid counter-current flow in microchannels 26 Jul 2023
Name of Faculty: Akkihebbal K Suresh
Title Floated On
Carbon capture materials by flame synthesis 28 Dec 2021