PhD Admission Information

The following information is relevant to those candidates who have been called for interview

  1. Interview: An online interview (Video Conference mode) through WebEx/Google-meet/Zoom etc will be conducted on  3rd and 4th December, 2021.   The specific slot/time of each candidate's interview is available here.  
  2. TAP and FA Topics: TAP/FA topics are available here.
  3. Information regarding preference of topics: Read the information regarding filling up the preference form.
  4. Join the online discussion to know more about the admission process and TAP/FA topic selection using the following gmeet link on Thursday (18/11/2021) at 5:00 pm. 
    Please refer to the following link to watch the recording.

  5. Submission of preference form: Submit the preference form on or before 25th of November 2021. You can not submit now as due date is over.
  6. Presentation on the day of interview ( Maximum 5 mins): You have to prepare a presentation with 5 or 6 slides containing the title of the project work,  Objective, Methodology, and Key results/conclusions.
  7. Submission of project report: You have to email your project report (last available B.Tech/ to phd [dot] chemical [dot] iitb [at] gmail [dot] com on or before 22nd November, 2021. Rename your project report as “RCL____ _project.pdf” (e.g. RCL202110292_project.pdf).  In the subject of the mail please write your RCL number. Please do not use this email id for any other communication. Here project report refers to the project you have conducted during fulfilling your qualifying degree. If it was not part of your academic requirement, then type one document declaring that, sign it and send it to us following the above mentioned procedure.
  8. If you need any clarification please contact us at phd1 [dot] chemical [dot] iitb [at] gmail [dot] com


PhD Admission Information

Processing of PhD applications for admissions to the Spring, 2021-2022  session have commenced. Please check the IITB admissions website for details. Information specific to shortlisted candidates as well as the interview process and schedule is available now.


The Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay, has a dynamic post-graduate programme with opportunities and strong emphasis on basic and applied research in a wide range of areas including several inter-disciplinary fields. This post-graduate programme includes a large number of Ph.D. scholars who primarily contribute to the research activities of the department. The Department recruits Ph.D. scholars twice a year, in sync with our semester system.

Candidates with a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Technology, or a Master’s in Science are eligible to apply. Most candidates who apply have Chemical Engineering or Biotechnology background, but the Department invites candidates from other backgrounds, especially in the context of carrying out interdisciplinary research. 


For admission to the Ph.D. programme in chemical engineering department minimum requirements are (one of)

  1. B.Tech./M.Tech. or equivalent degree in Chemical Engineering.
  2. B.Tech./ M.Tech. or equivalent degree in any branch of Engineering/ Chemical Technology and Interdisciplinary areas.
  3. M.Sc. in disciplines consistent with the research areas of the department.

Selection procedure and sample questions

Selection for the Ph.D program will be through two-stage procedure.

  1. Stage-1:  Shortlisting is done based on academic performance  in qualifying examination and GATE score
  2. Stage-2, Interview: If you are shortlisted and called for an interview, you will have to appear for an online interview (Video Conference mode) through WebEx/Google-meet etc between 3rd and 4th December,2021. The exact date and slot/time of the interview will be uploaded on this page. Interviews will focus on the following areas.
    1. Project work:  If you are called for an interview, you have to email your project report to phd [dot] chemical [dot] iitb [at] gmail [dot] com on or before 22nd November, 2021. Rename your project report as “RCL____ _project.pdf” (e.g. RCL202110292_project.pdf).  In the subject of the mail please write your RCL number. Please do not use this email id for any other communication.

    2. Research Interest: During the interview you might be asked about the broad areas of research you are interested in. You should be aware about the recent status of research in that area. It is not mandatory that you have to pursue your research only in that area. But the process is to test your awareness and critical thinking about an area in which you are probably interested in. The Interview panel may ask you about your future objective and how the doctoral program will help you to achieve your goal.

    3. Interview on courses credited: You have to mention your preference of one or two courses you have taken in your Bachelor's or Master’s program. You will be asked fundamental questions from these courses.

*At least one week prior to the interview (on or before 22nd November, 2021), you have to submit your preferences of the TAP/FA topics. Even if you are interested in a TA position, providing a preference on TAP topic will improve your chances of getting an offer.  If you are JRF from CSIR/DBT or other funding agency and have your own fellowship then only you are eligible to opt for FA topics. TAP/FA topics will be made available by 15th November 2021 on this page.

You have to submit your topic preferences, in a google form.  Link of the google form will be available in this webpage.


Admissions to the PhD programme of IIT Bombay can be obtained by qualifying under any of the following categories:

1. Teaching / Research Assistantship (TA/RA): The best candidates who make it through our selection process are awarded IIT Bombay funded teaching assistantships or research assistantships. These scholars have the flexibility to select thesis topics and supervisors after one semester of coursework, after exposure talks on the various research areas in the Department, and in consultation with a number of faculty.

For the other scholarship categories below, chosen candidates are made immediate offers against specific topics and supervisors.

2. Teaching Assistantship through Project (TAP): Candidates are offered financial support originating from sponsored projects; such projects have a faculty from the department as the principal investigator (PI) and selected candidates pursue a PhD (with that PI as thesis supervisor) in the given topic. The projects are typically funded by the Department of Science of Technology (DST), Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) etc. The student is paid scholarships throughout the length of the project; this could vary from 2.5 to 5 years. In cases where the duration is less than 5 years, IIT Bombay
pays the student equivalent salary for the remaining time at IIT (i.e. up to 5 years).

Before the interview candidates are asked to submit their preferences on the TAP topics. Therefore, you are requested to review the topics which will be announced after 15th November, 2021 on this page. 

3. Govt./Semi Govt. Fellowship Award (FA): Candidates have their own sources of funding via scholarships such as those from CSIR, UGC, DBT, ICMR, or DSTInspire. On joining a lab in the Department, you will have to activate that scholarship. FA topics will be made available by 15th November, 2021 in this page.

4. Project Staff (PS):
For individuals who are already working as Project Staff members, at IIT Bombay.

5. External candidates(EX): For candidates sponsored by recognized R & D organizations, for example BARC, DRDO etc.

6. College Teacher (CT): For candidates working in Colleges / Educational Institutes.

Teaching Assistantship

(These are general Institute guidelines)

Students joining Ph.D. programme will be placed in the above categories based on the following norms:

1. Those Students having B.E./ B.Tech./ B.Arch/ M.Phil./B.Sc.(engg)/ M.Sc./ M.A./M.Com. or equivalent and who have either a valid GATE or National Level test - UGC/ CSIR/ NBHM etc. subject to financial support from respective organisation) and Management students with M.B.A. qualification with Science/ Commerce background will be considered for assistantships under the JRF category.

2. Those students having M.Tech./M.E./M Arch./ Msc(Engg) or equivalent qualification with Engineering/ Technical background will be considered for assistantship under the SRF category.

3. The assistantship is paid for a maximum period of 5 years for candidates with B.E. /B. Tech./M.Sc. as qualifying degree and maximum period of 5 years for candidates with M.E./ M.Tech. as qualifying degree.

4. The above assistantship requires that the student assist in teaching or research, as assigned by the Institute, to the extent of 8 hours of work per week. The continuation of the assistantship will be subject to satisfactory performance of the duties assigned by the Department as well as satisfactory academic performance.

5. Students getting assistantships from the Institute can later join projects sponsored by external agencies DST, DBT, CSIR etc. and obtain corresponding TAP or FA fellowships.

Research Areas

The department is involved in a variety of frontier and traditional areas in chemical engineering research. More details and the list of faculty working in various areas are given here.

  • Biotechnology & Bio-Systems Engineering
  • Catalysis and Reaction Engineering
  • Energy & Environment
  • Materials Engineering
  • Process Systems Engineering
  • Transport, Colloids, and Interface Science

Details are available in the information brochure. Please check this page frequently for updates.