Department Academic Honour Code

Preamble: Students are expected to practice highest ethical and moral standards. In order to maintain the sanctity of these standards, students are expected to sign this declaration after reading and understanding the honour code.The Department reserves the right to amend this code as and when required. Amendments will be brought to the notice of all stakeholders.

  1. Declaration of Academic Honesty” statement signed by you at the time of joining
    “I declare that I will adhere to all principles of academic honesty and integrity throughout my stay in the Institute. I will not seek or give unauthorized assistance in tests, quizzes, examinations or assignments. I will not misrepresent, fabricate or falsify any idea/data/fact/source in my project submissions. I understand that any violation of the above will be cause for disciplinary action as per the rules and regulations of the Institute.”
  2. In elaboration of the above declaration, the Department has defined the following honor code and the associated penalties
    1. Honor code for Individual academic activities
      Individual activities include, but are not limited to course home works, in-class/take home exams, individual course projects, presentations, individual research projects, presentations. A student will
      • work independently, with utmost sincerity on these activities.
      • not copy/falsify/fabricate information/ideas in any of these activities.
      • not disseminate information gathered/submitted in the course of these activities with a view to facilitate unfair practices.
      • accept sole responsibility for the entire work.
    2. Honor code for Group activities
      Group activities are those conducted by more than one student. These include, but are not limited to in-class/take-home group course projects/lab experiments, data collection, reports, presentations, research projects, research presentations. All members of a group will
      • participate in all aspects of the group activity with utmost sincerity.
      • obtain consent of all members of the group with regard to division of work.
      • not copy/falsify/fabricate information/ideas in any aspect of these activities.
      • not disseminate information gathered/submitted towards any of these activities with a view to facilitate unfair practices.
      • accept equal responsibility for all the activities and all information/ideas gathered/submitted towards these activities, in their entirety.
    3. Breach of the honor code
      Breach of one or more of the above honor codes will be reported to DUGC/DPGC, as appropriate.
      • In considering cases involving copying from other students, whether between individuals (in individual activities) or between groups (in group activities), the information giver and receiver will NOT be distinguished from each other, in terms of the punishment awarded.
      • Copying from reports of previous years, books and journals or plagiarism of any kind will be construed as breach of this code.
      • For group activities, every member of the group will be held equally responsible for the work in its entirety. Claiming ignorance about another group member’s misdemeanor will not be accepted as grounds to escape punishment.
    4. Potential consequences
      • Student will not be allowed to take up any administrative post such as CR, GSec across the Institute;
      • If the student is found guilty while holding an administrative position, the student will step down;
      • No Objection Certificate (NOC) for any further assignment/internship will be denied.
      • For individual activities:
        •  First proved instance of breach, FR grade will be awarded in the respective course.
        • Second proved instance of breach, student will be referred to Disciplinary Action Committee (DAC) with a suitable recommendation such as rustication for a certain period or even expulsion from the Institute.
      • For group activities:
        •  DUGC/DPGC will make specific punishment recommendations which will be of the same order of magnitude as that for individual activities.
  3. Declaration & Signing of Honor Code:
    On my honor as a student of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, I hereby declare that
    1. I have read and understood the “Declaration of Academic Honesty” I signed at the time of joining. 
    2. I have read and understood the Department Honor Code
    3. I am aware that if found guilty of breaching this honor code, I will be penalized as per due process, without any further warning. 


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