Chemical sensor development for water contaminants and technology for their removal


Continuous monitoring of water quality parameters, like dissolved solids, metals, ions (arsenic, fluoride etc.), organics (phenol) is an important measurement, to ascertain quality and use of a water body, whether a flowing water-stream or a stagnant water-pool, like a lake. To that end, we will work on a coated nanoparticle mediated, optical-spectra based sensor (developed by us), which has been tested with both synthetic and field-water samples.The aim is to further develop the nanoparticle sensor solution and study the material and interfacial properties of the sensor with contaminants in water, so as to have a functional sensor, suitable for field testing. The next step is to develop methods to remove these measured contaminants, which we have achieved for arsenic, by using a nanoparticle coated polymeric fibre. Thus, this research topic involves both sensing and removal of contaminants from water, with the final aim of making clean, drinking water. Different parts of this project are supported by government and industrial research funds from India and Japan. 

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