Modeling and Simulation of Li-ion Batteries and Fuel Cells Impedance Response


Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) offers a way to determine and quantify the transport and kinetic processes occurring in energy storage and conversion systems such as Li-ion batteries, fuel cells and electrolyzer. EIS is a powerful technique that helps in quantifying the various transport and kinetic resistances hampering the performance of the said systems. Apart from that, health monitoring of batteries and fuel cells (estimating the remaining life and capacity fade) has become very critical for enabling e-mobility. EIS offers a non-invasive and nondestructive way to monitor the health of electrochemical systems. This topic relates to the modeling and simulation of the impedance response of a porous electrode which is at the core of energy storage and conversion systems.

The following coursework will definitely be helpful in pursuing this topic: electrochemical and chemical reaction engineering, transport phenomena and computational methods. This project will be modeling/simulation heavy. But there will be an opportunity to perform experiments as well. 


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