Process system engineering

A Sugarcane-based Biorefinery: Development of high value nutraceuticals using chromatographic methods

Crushing one ton of sugarcane results in about 40 kg of filter press mud and about 250 kg of sugarcane bagasse (SCB). The filter press mud is usually discarded or used as compost while bagasse is used for its fuel value.

Efficient simulation of large scale process flowsheets

We have been developing/working with open source process simulators DWSIM and OpenModelica.  These simulators are proposed to be used for (1) steady state simulation (2) dynamic simulation (3) startup shutdown simulations, etc.  Both continuous and batch processes will be studied using these simulators.  We propose these simulators also for collaborative content creation, training a large number of chemical engineering students, and using them in a big way in industry, especially small and medium scale.

The current work involves the following:

Enabling Fast Charging and Safe Operation for Li-ion/Na-ion Battery: Modeling, Simulation and Optimization

Battery charging time is one of the most critical factors that will govern the penetration of electric vehicle in the market. Reduction in battery charging time is also desirable for portable electronics including cellphones. Significant research is underway to reduce the charging time of a lithium-ion/Na-ion battery. Ensuring safety while fast charging as well as discharging is also crucial for battery usage.