SMM Group (Reaction Engineering and Catalysis Lab)

SMM Group (Reaction Engineering and Catalysis Lab)

Research Areas

 Studies in reaction kinetics of both catalysed/ uncatalysed homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions. Catalysis with solid acid catalysts like ion exchange resins, zeolites etc. for liquid phase organic reactions. Reactions in supercritical media.

The work involves identification of a growing fine chemical and develop a process for the same. Catalyst would be identified and synthesized if required. Catalyst would be characterised and teh performance will be evaluated and compared with the conventional counterpart. Various strategies such as combining reaction and separation in a single unit would be explored. Kinetic modeling would be performed for the new catalyst. Modeling and simulation would be performed to compare the same with the conventional process and bring out the added benefits offered by the proposed process. The work…

Gasification of Coal, agro-waste, and some components of municipal solid
waste to energy for thermal and electrical applications has attracted attention
in the recent past. The work is in progress on high ash garden waste, its
kinetics, and performance in a small downdraft gasifier. The present work involves
further experimental and modeling studies in the downdraft gasification of this
feedstock. The focus is on understanding the cause behind tar and particulate
emissions and their dependence on various parameters.

Multifunctional reactors combine reactor with other unit operation such as distillation, adsorption, stripping etc. These have several advantages such as reduction in capital cost, increasing selectivity and conversion and decrease in overall cost of the process. Initially,  feasibility studies were performed using both experimental and theoretical investigations in several multi-functional reactors such as reactive distillation, reactive chromatography and extractive reactions for industrially important processes (esterification reactions, etherification reactions etc). The mathematical…

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Sanjay M Mahajani
Prof. Sanjay M Mahajani


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Kapil Jayant

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Chhavi Gupta

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Akash S Shinde

Technical Superintendent

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Saikat Saha

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Mohd Nadeem

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Akash Sunilrao Shinde

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Ranjana Unnikrishnan

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Goutam Narayan Tumulu

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Divya Vats

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Moiz Khan

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Fazil. A

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Vishwambhar ChavanPatil

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Sujit Deore

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Mr. Dibyarup Majumdar

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