PhD Alumni

Research Scholars (PhD Students) as guide

 1. Ajay Kumar Singh: Theoretical & Experimental studies in RD: Steady-state and dynamic aspects (2007)

 2. Rakesh Kumar: Lactic Acid recovery by Reactive Distillation (2007)

 3. Yogesh S. Mahajan: Process development studies in Reactive Distillation (2007) 

 4. Sandip S. Talwalkar: Multi-functional Reactors (2008) 5. Suman Thotla: Advanced Applications of Reactive distillation: Theoretical & Experimental studies (2008)

 5. Suman Thotla: Advanced Applications of Reactive distillation: Theoretical & Experimental studies (2008)

 6. Anand Tiwari: Reactive Distillation: Experiments, Modeling, and Simulation (2008)

 7. Ajay K. Gorasia: Multiphase Flow & Mixing in Microreactors (2009)

 8. Mohan R. Rampure: Modeling of gas-liquid/gas-liquid-solid flows in bubble column reactor: Experiments and CFD Simulations (2009)

 9. J. S. Jayakumar: CFD Analysis of Single-phase and Two-phase Flow Inside Helically Coiled Tubes (2010)

 10. Kalpana Deshmukh: Studies in Reactive Chromatography (2010)

 11. Vivek Chandra Gyani: Reactive Chromatography (2010)

 12. Krishna Kumar Singh: Studies on Hydrodynamics of Pump-mix Mixer Settlers (2010)

 13. S. Srinivas: Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis in Reactive Distillation: Modeling & Simulation (2010): Video presentation

 14. D. Sateesh: Underground Coal Gasification: Experimental Studies and Computational Flow Modeling (2011)

 15.. Vinay Amte: Process Synthesis of Reactive Distillation Systems for Selectivity Engineering (2011)

 16.. Amit Hasabnis: Process Intensification Strategies For Glycerol Based Reactions (2012)

 17. Prafull Patidar: Studies in Reactive Distillation for the Synthesis of Carboxylic Esters (2013)

 18. Rajesh Kumar: Reactive Stripping for the Catalytic Exchange of Hydrogen Isotopes (2013)

 19. Dheerendra Singh: Heterogeneous Catalysis for Biodiesel Synthesis and Valorization of Glycerol (2014)

 20. Shabih Ul Hasan: Synthesis and Design of Simple & Complex Hybrid Reactive Distillation Columns for Selectivity Engineering (2014)

 21. K. Bhoja Reddy: Studies in Adsorptive and Reactive Separations (2015)

 22. Ramesh Naidu M.: Kinetic Studied in Underground Coal Gasification (2015)

 23. Praveen Kumar Ghodke: Stabilization of Fast Pyrolysis Oil Derived From Wood Through Esterification (2016)

 24. Rohidas Bhoi: Process Development Studies for Biodiesel Synthesis (2016)

 25. Ganesh Samdani: Underground Coal Gasification: Kinetic Studies and Process Model (2016)

 26. Sminu Bhaskaran: Studies in Underground Coal Gasification (2016)

 27. Kiran Shiralkar: Process Improvements and Technology Dissemination in Kolhapur Type Jaggery Making (2017)

 28. Ishan Sharma: Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimisation of a Complex Steady-State Process Flowsheet – The ‘Surrogate-Assisted’ Approach (2016)

 29. Pratham Arora: Techno-enviro-economic evaluations of biomass gasification for the production of ammonia from synthesis gas utilizing multi-scale modeling (2017)

 30. Dinesh Mantri

 31. Zaffar Hassan

 32Sandeep Kumar

 33. Namdev A

 34. Gadekar -Shinde

 35. Pradhan P.:

 36. Gupta Ankita:

 37. Verma Pankaj:

 38. Kamal Sumit:

 39. Khan Moiz:

 40. Sravan Kumar:



Research Scholars (PhD Students) as Co-guide

1. Amit M. Katariya: Non-linear dynamics of Reactive Distillation for the synthesis of TAME (2008)

2. Anil N. Khadse: Underground Coal Gasification: Kinetics & Process Modeling (2008)

3. Nitin V. Bhate: Studies in the mechanism of Aromatic nitrations: Investigating the role of microphase (2008)

4. Kashinath Patil: Development and Modeling of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) Synthesis Process (2011)

5. Jalesh Purohit: Nonlinear Analysis and DAE-Observer Based Nonlinear Predictive Control of Reactive Distillation Systems Exhibiting Input and Output Multiplicities (2014)

6. Ameya Diwan: Studies in Kinetics of Aromatic Nitration in Mixed Acid: Stacking of Nitroaromatics & Its Effects on Kinetics (2015)

7. Ashish P. Unnarkat: Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Studies on Organic Liquid Phase Oxidation of Cyclohexane (2016)

8. Mohammad Khan Salabat Khan