Course On Wheels 6.0 kicks off on 29th November,2023

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Nov 28, 2023
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What is Course on Wheels (CoW) ?

Course on wheels is a novel pedagogical activity at the Department of Chemical engineering, IIT Bombay to provide an improved experiential connect to the students, with the applications of what they learn in the classrooms. It is one of those initiatives aimed at bridging the gap between industry and academia in India. The course has been running for four years now. CoW started its journey in the academic year 2016-17. To follow the beats of CoW, please connect with us at the Instagram page of CoW.

Why CoW?

The ambit of the course is to give around 30 selected students an overview of selected chemical and allied industries in India.  We believe that this course will give a holistic rounding  to the technical development of our students. It would also provide the students a perspective of the exciting challenges that the chemical engineering practitioner faces, and motivate the students to pursue career in chemical engineering.

What is the format of the course?

 The course runs for more than three weeks in which students go on an educational tour and travel a distance of about 2000 km in the Western Chemical Belt of India. Various sectors of chemical industry are covered. These include oil and gas, power, intermediate and base chemicals, fertilizers, inorganic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, dyes, flavours and fragrances. Students go through a preparatory course before the visits, and faculty members are actively involved in this training. Some of them travel with the students, conduct lectures and examinations while on wheels. A typical plant visit includes, briefing by senior executives from the company on techno-commercial aspects of their business, processes practised at the workplace, and the associated technologies used. Students get an opportunity to see the equipment and accessories from a close distance and hear the experience of the practising chemical engineers and operators. The day ends with a reflection session and report writing. It is recognized as a 6-credit elective course (CL 608) in the curriculum. Apart from the written exam, students are asked to prepare a report on each company they visit, and do a simulation project of one of the processes that they come across. And yes, there are quite a few fun activities as well. Click here to see the CoW picture diary 2016. 


When does CoW get commenced?

CoW tour takes place in the winter vacation (Nov - Dec) for a period of approximately 25 days. This year, the CoW is being kicked off on the morning of 29th November. Click to know more on this year’s CoW programme. To follow the beats of CoW, follow the Instagram page of CoW.


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