Changing Role of Chemical Engineers: Panel Discussion 5 (Circular Economy of Materials)

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Nov 05, 2022
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Changing Role of Chemical Engineers' is a series of online panel discussions organized by the alumni of IIT Bombay Chemical Engineering, in collaboration with the department. This series will explore the current trends and future directions of important science and technology-driven industries. Panelists will shed light on issues related to materials waste and approaches to tackling this important problem.

The panel discussion, on 05 November 2022 (7.00 pm IST) featured eminent experts in the area of sustainable solutions for materials use. The panel comprised:

  1. Mr. Rajeev Pandia (ChE IITB’71)- Former President, ICC.
  2. Dr. Vijay Mhetar (ChE IITB’94)- CTO, DL Chemicals/ Kraton Corporations.
  3. Dr. Sameer Ralhan (ChE IITB’95)- SVP & CFO, The Chemours Company
  4. Dr.Srini Rajagopalan (MEMS IITB’94)- Manager(Materials), Exxon-Mobil.

         The discussion was moderated by Prof. Guruswamy (IITB ChE’94).

Topics covered in the discussion included:

  • State of knowledge at global and national level on the issue of sustainability, circularity and recycling of materials
  • Current trends and future direction for new technologies to improve use life of materials and polymers
  • Role played by chemical engineers in developing and deploying relevant technologies or informing policy
  • Role of IIT Bombay and other institutions in India to develop better policies, practices and implementations for improving efficiency in recycling of waste


Video link of panel discussion :