Changing Role of Chemical Engineers: Panel Discussion 2 (Air Quality)

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Sep 04, 2021
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Changing Role of Chemical Engineers' is a series of online panel discussions organized by the alumni of IIT Bombay Chemical Engineering, in collaboration with the department. This series will explore the current trends and future directions of important science and technology-driven industries.

The second panel discussion, on 04 September 2021 (7.30pm IST) featured eminent experts in the area of air quality and aerosols. The panel comprised:

  1.  Prof Pratim Biswas (ME 80) - Dean of Engineering, University of Miami
  2.  Krish Vijayaraghavan (ChE 92) - Principal, Ramboll Group
  3.  Prof. Chandra Venkataraman Faculty, IIT Bombay
  4.  Dr. Jai Asundi (ChE 95) - Executive Director, Center for Study of Science Technology and Policy (CSTEP)

Topics covered in the discussion included:

  • State of knowledge at global and national level on the issue of air quality
  • Current trends and future direction for building evidence and models for improving air quality
  • Role played by chemical engineers in developing and deploying relevant technologies or changing policy
  • Role of IIT Bombay and other institutions in India to develop better policies, practices and implementations for improving air quality

Video link of panel discussion :