Changing Role of Chemical Engineers: Panel Discussion 1 (Pharma and life sciences)

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May 29, 2021
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'Changing Role of Chemical Engineers' is a series of online panel discussions organized by the alumni of IIT Bombay Chemical Engineering, in collaboration with the department. This series will explore the current trends and future directions of important science and technology-driven industries.

The first panel discussion, on 29 May 2021 (7.30pm IST) featured eminent experts from the healthcare and life sciences industry. The panel comprised:

  1.     Dr. Vipin Gopal (ChE 92) - Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Eli Lilly
  2.     Madhu Balachandran (ChE 73) - Board member & Chief Operating Officer, Nutcracker Therapeutics
  3.     Dr. Arun Chandavarkar (ChE 84) - Managing Director, Biocon Biologics
  4.     Prof. KV Venkatesh, Faculty, IIT Bombay
  5.     Dr. Pankaj Doshi (ChE 94) - Process Modeling Head, Pfizer

Topics covered in the discussion included:

  • Current trends and future direction for making quality medicines available to the global population
  • State of the industry at global and national level
  • Role played by chemical engineers and research institutes in discovery, development and deployment of relevant technologies.

Video link of panel discussion :