Drug delivery using biomaterial-based carriers is one of the eminent themes of our group. We aim to harness the biocompatibility of various polymers and elemental materials and, use these as carriers for therapeutic purposes. A plethora of materials and chemical modifications allow us to tailor our carriers in ways that suit a wide variety of biological applications. Our group, in particular, has been interested in developing small molecular systems for drug delivery into the eye. The eye is a self-sustained fortress inside the human body. Drug delivery to the eye, remains of utmost interest to research groups across the globe, owing to its complex anatomy and convoluted systems. Earlier, our group has developed polymethylmethacrylate, a biopolymer, based system to deliver chemotherapeutic drugs, like carboplatin, for treatment of retinoblastoma. The animal trials conducted using this system have displayed great potential and can be used to enhance the bioavailability of chemotherapeutic agents. Currently, we are working on a porous silicon-based sustained release system for the delivery of ocular drugs in the posterior segment of the eye. This system is capable of carrying a heavy payload of biologicals, like proteins, and releasing them over longer durations to enhance their bioavailability. Such systems will enable us to reduce frequent invasive procedures and recurring dosing thereby improving patient care outcomes.


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