System Implementation and Audit

The present document provides a broad introduction to select critical HSE information and guidelines to be followed within each laboratory. The Department encourages active participation from the student and support laboratory staff to employ the guidelines in order to prepare further specific documents outlined in section 14. The appointed HSE committee member along with the faculty convener will provide due support and guidance for such efforts through provision of suitable formats for maintenance of all information online.

However, the HSE committee will also perform periodic audits of compliance of HSE norms and guidelines by each laboratory, in terms of the documentation and internal dissemination of all relevant HSE information, adoption of safe practices on laboratory work, housekeeping and waste disposal on a continual basis.

The framework of the audit process will be made available to all users, but it is expected that all concerned personnel will strive to enhance the HSE system beyond primary compliance. Wherever deficiencies are detected through audit, the appointed HSE committee will recommend measures to ensure conformity with the norms. At the same time wherever innovative HSE approaches are adopted, the committee may recommend special recognition of the effort in suitable terms.