Akash Sunilrao Shinde

Akash Sunilrao Shinde
Staff Full Name
Mr. Akash Sunilrao Shinde
Staff Designation
Technical Superintendent
sakash [at] iitb [dot] ac [dot] in
Phone No
  • 02225764234
Lab Room Number
101, Reaction Engineering Lab
Chemical Engineering Department
Staff Category
Reaction & Catalysis Eng. Lab
R&D Projects
    • VLE data generation for binary mixture and its validation (IIT, Bombay)
    • Process development for continuous production of methyl salicylate using heterogeneous catalyst (IIT, Bombay)
    • Synthesis and characterization of zeolite catalyst and scalup to pilot scale (CSIR-NCL, Pune)
    • Pilot-scale synthesis of polymeric hollow fiber memberanes and their characterization for gas separtion application (CSIR-NCL, Pune)
Awards and Fellowships

B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering), Pune University 2015.