SCF Services from IITB

Services from IIT Bombay for the execution of SCF R&D / Commercial projects

IIT Bombay has been involved with R&D projects and technology transfers in the area of supercritical fluid-based (SCF) processing for nearly three decades. The principal areas of focus pertain to:

  1. Extraction of natural products

  2. Micronization of active pharmaceutical ingredients

  3. Textile dyeing

  4. Pressurized hot water extraction of herbals

Broadly, the following categories of services are offered by IIT Bombay to industrial clients.

  1. Transfer of SCF technology: This involves provision of (i) basic process design of laboratory to commercial-scale SCF systems for specific applications; (ii) optimized process technology for extraction of products. The components of process design include the following:

  • Process parameters for the products in consideration

  • Process flow diagram

  • Process operating parameters required for design of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, liquid CO2 pumps, co-solvent pump design

  • Process parameters required for pressure control valve sizing

  • Process parameters required for flow control valve sizing

  • Details for raw material processing and equipments required

  • Details for post treatment of products

  • Product trials & optimization

The technology transfer process is mediated by the Office of Dean R&D, IIT Bombay, and is subject to payment of technology transfer fees by the prospective recipient of the technology. In addition, agreements in the form of MoUs relating to future payment of royalties by the client, associated with commercial use of the technology are required to be signed.

  1. Technology consultation: This involves support in the following areas: selection / choice of viable products; selection of optimum SCF plant configuration, feasibility analysis.

  1. Contract research and development: This involves development of new protocols of extraction of natural products as well as other types of SCF processing as proposed by the industry client

  1. Advisory support in turnkey projects for fabrication, assembly and commissioning of SCF plants: This particular service involves guidance on various aspects of manufacture and installation of bench-scale, pilot and commercial-scale SCF plants. The specific areas where guidance may be provided are as follows:

  • Development and / or inspection of P&IDs and detailed specifications of various components: high-pressure equipments, pumps, control valves etc.

  • Development and / or inspection of plant isometrics

  • Selection of MOCs for various equipment

  • Development of process automation for SCADA and associated logic along with all the necessary alarms & interlocks to be covered in PLC programming.

  • Selection of process instruments, gaskets, pipes, tubes, valves, fittings, insulation, cladding etc.

  • Technical advisory support on installation and commissioning of plant

  • Support for inspection of equipment related to hydro testing and checking of appropriate safety related issues

  • Training to client organization on plant operation and trouble shooting

              i. Audit of operating manual

  1. Others: Specific technical discussions and support beyond the scope of services enlisted above



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