Effect of electric field on neuronal cells: An interplay of resting, action and induced transmembrane potential


The project will look at the effect of external electric fields on neuronal cells, and will investigate the interplay between the action potential and voltage signaling as well as the resting potential and their interplay with the induced Transmembrane potential in the neuronal membrane. The project will involve computation of neuronal circuits under different exposures to applied pulsed electric fields of different waveforms, intensities. The coupling between the applied field and the neuronal resting potential can be two ways. While the applied field can alter the resting potential of the neuron, the electrostatics and current distribution in the neurons can in turn affect the electric field distribution around the neuron. This can have implications especially in a neuronal tissue, and thereby affect the collective response of the neurons.

One of the motivations is to see the effect of on neuronal circuits during electroporation of cells and vesicles. Possible coupling of the mechanics of the neuronal cell and electric stresses will also be investigated

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