CL 663 Introduction to Systems Biology

Complexity in biological systems; Basic concepts of biological networks; Genetic networks Transcription networks Protein networks; Network motifs; Deterministic modeling approaches – kinetics dynamics; Dynamics of and multiplicity in biological systems – bistability oscillations synchronization; Introduction to probability; Stochastic modeling approaches – Introduction Langevin technique Master equations quasi-steady state approximation; Numerical simulations – Gillespie algorithm Monte Carlo simulations; Fluctuations and robustness; Pattern formation; Traveling waves in biological systems; Quantitative experimentation.
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CL 663

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Introduction to Systems Biology
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Course Text References
1. Alon U. An introduction to Systems Biology: Design Principles of Biological Circuits. 2007. Chapman & Hall/CRC (Taylor & Francis Group) London. 2. Murray J. Mathematical Biology: I. An Introduction. Third Edition. 2002. Springer- Verlag New York. 3. Wolkenhauer O. Systems Biology: Dynamic Pathway Modeling. 2010 (Pre-print version at 4. Several research papers.
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