System dynamics modeling and optimization for decarbonization of transport sector

Decarbonization of transport sector is essential for India to achieve net-zero status by 2070. This is challenging because private vehicle ownership and freight transport by road is expected to increase rapidly in India in the next 15-20 years. New vehicle technologies such as EVs (electric vehicles), hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and so will be introduced and adapted.

This project aims to understand and optimize the transition using a system dynamics model. The simulation model will study how adoption of new vehicle may happen and its impact on carbon emissions. Optimization studies will identify best pathways to achieve certain carbon emission reduction targets. Decisions variable will include subsidies, technology investments, carbon tax and so on. The work is completely computational, highly interdisciplinary, and has a strong policy component. The outputs of the work will be useful for government, automobile companies, refineries and so on.

Prior work done in this area can be found at the following link:

Student working on this project is expected to continue this effort.

P.S.: This project requires "natural intelligence" and "human learning".  There is no AI/ML component in this work.

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