Shantanu Darveshi

Shantanu Darveshi

Department of Chemical Engineering,
102 Silicate Lab, IIT Bombay,
Powai, Mumbai – 400076

Full Name
Mr. Shantanu Darveshi


M.Tech. (Chemical Engineering), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India (ongoing)

B. Tech. (Chemical Engineering), Birla Institute of Science and Technology, India (2018)

Thesis research topic: Moist membranes for biogas beneficiation

Research Summary:

Rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and India’s dependency on imports for meeting energy requirements are a cause for concern. India annually generates biogas in the order of billion m3/yr. This biogas can be beneficiated using membranes to act as a green substitute for compressed natural gas(CNG). In my research, I explore the use of flat sheet thin-film composite membranes with a water-swollen selective layer for the separation of carbon dioxide from biogas. I am using asymmetric polysulfone (PSf) membrane prepared by phase inversion process as the support layer and polyvinyl alcohol(PVA) applied by dip coating as the moist selective layer. The development of a commercially viable membrane would provide an impetus to the still-nascent biomethane industry in India.


Thin film composite membrane, water swollen membrane, moist membrane, biogas upgradation, biogas beneficiation, biomethane, flat sheet membranes, gas separation, renewable energy