Haridarshan Patel

Haridarshan Patel

Department of Chemical Engineering,
102 Silicate Lab, IIT Bombay,
Powai, Mumbai – 400076

Full Name
Ms. Haridarshan Patel


MTech Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay (2019-2021)

B.E Chemical Engineering, Gujarat Technological University (2014-2018)

MTech Project Topic:

Moist membrane-based technology for biogas upgradation

Research Summary:

Biogas is a carbon-neutral, sustainable, and renewable source of energy that can be produced and consumed without any adverse effect on the environment. Our main study is focussed on the development of water condensing membranes, where vapor Present in raw biogas mixture will be condensed (except methane) on the retentate side to enhance CO2 separation and CO2/CH4 selectivity. Our aim is to develop a composite membrane containing hydrophilic nanoparticles. This hydrophilic membrane is expected to trap the condensed vapors inside the membrane matrix, which will ultimately enhance CO2 separation from biogas. Purified biogas will have worldwide application as it can be compressed as Compressed Bio Gas (CBG), with a higher calorific value similar to CNG.


Biogas, hydrophilic membrane, CO2 separation