Ph.D. Alumni


Doctoral Graduates:

(Name / Thesis Title /  Current Position)

  1. Shreesha Chokkadi, (2002)
    New Results in Control Relevant Identification
    Professor, Department of Instrumentation & Control Engineering, Manipal Institute of Technology.

  2. Vijaysai P, (2004)
    Inferential estimation and control  using Multivariate Statistical Tools
    Consulting Engineer (Controlled Title Holder), SUEZ - Water Technologies & Solutions

  3. Chaitali Mandal*, (2004)
    Optimal Control of multiple substrate fermentations
    (Currently with US Vitamins, Mumbai).

  4. Munawar A Shaik, (2005)
    Integration of Design, Scheduling and Control
    Associate Professor at United Arab Emirates University

  5. Ketan Detroja, (2005)
    Fault Detection and Diagnosis in complex and integrated power plants
    Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Hyderabad

  6. M. S. Rao*, (2006)
    Issues in Observer based fault detection and diagnosis (Best Ph.D. Thesis Award at IIT Bombay)
    Professor & Head, Department of Chemical Engineering, Dharmsinh Desai University, Gujarat

  7. Singh, A.*, (2007)
    Analysis of Dynamics and Control of Reactive Distillation Systems
    Currently Senior Engineer at Shell Technology Center

  8. Prakash Kotecha,  (2009)
    Constraint programming and global optimization (Best Ph.D Thesis Award at IIT Bombay)
    Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Guwahati

  9. Ravi Methekar*, (2009)
    Advanced Control of Fuel Cell Operations
    Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, VNIT Nagpur

  10. Kishalay Mitra, (2009)
    Dynamic analysis and optimization of uncertain supply chain systems
    Associate  Professor, Chemical Engineering, IIT Hyderabad

  11. Abhijit Badwe*, (2010)
    Model Maintenance for Linear Model Predictive Control
    Business Development – Advanced Process Controls, ABB, Columbus, Ohio Area

  12. Sumana Chenna, (2012)
    Hybrid methods in fault detection and diagnosis
    Principal Scientist, IICT Hyderabad

  13. Dharmendra Mandaliya*, (2016)
    Generalized reactor modelling (Best Ph.D Thesis Award at IIT Bombay)
    Associate Professor, VGEC, Ahmedabad

  14. Shamik Misra, (2019)
    Enterprise Wide Optimization: Rigorous modelling and computationally efficient approaches (Best Ph.D Thesis Award at IIT Bombay and Chemical Engineering Department)
    Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

*as Co-advisor