An Autonomous Water Quality Monitoring System with Sensors, for Water Quality Parameters

Project Description

We have been developing a complete water quality monitoring system consisting of a core module hosting an array of electrode/optical probe-based sensors for monitoring standard water-body parameters such as pH, temperature conductivity, turbidity, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), dissolved oxygen (DO) etc., and reagent based quantification modules for specific chemical pollutants (e.g., fluoride - an inorganic pollutant, arsenic and chromium - metal pollutants etc.).

 Additional sensor modules have to be installed to the core module, when required for a specific water body. The station is IOT enabled, and sensor readings are relayed to a wireless gateway at periodic intervals, which should be accessible anywhere in the world through a web interface. The entire system is envisaged to be locally powered at the deployment site, by a solar panel-battery combination, with uninterrupted operation over several weeks, without any manual intervention.


Expected outcomes of the project

Development of more sensor modules for water quality parameters, like dissolved oxygen, turbidity, heavy metals, microbes and its integration to the current in-house measurement station already developed. Also its field deployment and testing within and outside various locations of IIT Bombay in collaboration with other students working in an overall bigger project.



Possible learning outcomes for the student:

Learning of 3D printing and working with nanomaterials, sensors and other MEMS based devices and field study of technology, with a group of interdisciplinary team members from Chemical, Electrical and Materials background.

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