Modeling of a solar photocatalytic reactor using fluid flow and mass-energy conservation equations

Photocatalytic reactors utilizing the incident solar energy of the sun on a parabolic trough for conducting degradation of contaminants in water is a promising technology for pollutant mitigation at a lower cost. This requires successful modeling of the reactor for its design and construction.
Accordingly, in this project, modeling of solar photocatalytic reactor using mass, energy
transport and fluid flow equations in Ansys-Fluent has to be carried out, by solving the equations numerically. 
We have been doing experiments with photocatalytic reactors and have used our catalysts for degradation of dye to reduce water pollution.

We have also successfully worked in this research area, on using UV-lamp based catalysis. But we have not solved the transport equations using sun
as the UV light source, which is more cost effective.
So, the proposed new model can be used to validate experimental data that we will
get from our solar photocatalytic reactor using sunlight, so as to reduce energy cost of our system.
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