Hall/Room Booking Guidelines

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The following guidelines are to be followed for booking lecture halls:

  1. Booking has to be made by only a faculty or office staff by logging in using IITB-LDAP userid in the Meeting Room Booking System (MRBS).
  2. There are two kinds of meeting places: "Lecture Halls" and "Meeting Rooms" (comprising library, Conference room, faculty lounge  and Rm#237)
  3. Request must arrive before 12 Noon on the previous working day.
  4. For delayed requests (past 12 noon deadline):
    1. User to ensure availability of free slots.
    2. Call Mr. Jayesh/ Sameer (Ph no: 4233) or Sysad (Ph no: 4237) and try to confirm orally, but please be prepared for surprises when you turn up at the Hall!
  5. Paper register booking are to be avoided.
    1. Register will be kept with SysAd (locked).
    2. On rare circumstances, users may enter request in the presence of SysAd, but should ensure online update.
  6. Mr. Jayesh/ Sameer will finalise "Agenda" (from the web) for the following day(s) by 5 pm on any working day.
  7. A spare projector may be with the Sysad.
  8. Report Civil/Electrical/Projector/Computer complaints to Class Room Maintenance Unit(Ph no: 4233).

Appointments for Visiting Academic (or other department Visitors) can be made at Visiting Academic Slots.