The process integration research lab under Prof Sujit Jogwar aims at developing systems engineering tools for flexible, optimal and resilient operation of integrated process systems. The objective of the lab is increase practical implementation of these integrated systems as they are one of the sustainability drivers.

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  1. V. Uday and S. S. Jogwar, Optimal design of an integrated biogas-based fuel cell system, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 63(10), 4496-4508, 2024. [Link].
  2. S. Beniwal and S. S. Jogwar, Optimal operation of vapor-recompressed middle vessel batch distillation, Computer-aided Chemical Engineering, accepted for publication, 2024.
  3. V. Uday and S. S. Jogwar, Optimal design of an energy-integrated biogas-powered fuel cell system,…

The aim of our research group is to develop systems engineering tools to enable flexible (allowing for smooth transitions in dynamic market conditions), optimal (consuming minimum energy resources) and resilient (robust to external disturbances and uncertainties) operation of integrated process networks. These integrated processes are key enabler for economic and environmental sustainability goals. Development of such tools will assist increased practical implementation of such integrated process networks. In our group, we work on modelling, design, control, scheduling and monitoring of…

In the context of flexible operation of integrated processes, we are working on distributed control architecture due to its ability to capture key system interactions and practical implementation capability. Decomposition of a large integrated network into distributed subsystems is an important and open issue in the design and implementation of distributed controllers. The key challenge in this decomposition problem is the multiplicity of performance objectives. We are working on this problem using a novel approach of community detection. Specifically, we have been able to solve the…

In the context of resiliency, we have been developing a framework of energy flow redistribution to tackle internal and external disturbances affecting energy-integrated systems. We have shown that such energy flow redistribution improves robustness of the integrated system. This framework can be used to compare design alternatives from robustness point of view. We are working on using these insights to come up with optimal designs which can guarantee specified performance robustness. We believe that such an approach will help identify robust optimal…

Energy integration in batch processes is challenging due to dynamic availability of hot and cold streams. This complicates design and control of such integrated systems. In our research, we work on both the design and operational aspects of energy-integrated batch systems.

While implementing energy integration in batch process, there are two basic alternatives. Direct integration forces hot and cold streams to co-exist (through scheduling) and treat this as pseudo-continuous system. Indirect integration employs energy storage through heat transfer medium and thus decouples design…

We have been working on sustainable electricity production by integrating a sustainable hydrogen source with a fuel cell technology. The goal of this investigation is to come up with a synergestic integrated configuration and identify scenarios under which this option will be economically viable. Based on specific limitations highlighted by this work, we plan to work closely with experimental groups (working on catalysis and/or fuel cell) to alleviate these limitations and move closer towards economically viable options for sustainable electricity production.

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