HSE Responsibilities

The responsibilities in relation to adherence to safe practices within the Department would be as follows:

  1. The Head of the Department would be responsible for appointing a faculty co-ordinator to oversee HSE practices, ensure compliance, and setting up HSE related committees
  2. The HSE faculty co-ordinator would be responsible for continuous updating of the safety practices and the relevant documents, periodic auditing of practices in the Departmental Laboratories, and investigation of any instances of accidental personnel exposure, property damage and unacceptable environmental discharge. Other concerned and expert faculty may be co-opted in the above tasks in consultation with the Department Head
  3. The faculty-in-charge of each laboratory would be foremost responsible for overseeing and ensuring compliance with Departmental HSE norms within his/her laboratory; he/she need also enhance the practices through collection and dissemination of relevant HSE information.
  4. The primary responsibility of complying with recommended HSE practices would devolve to the students and support technical staff in each laboratory.