Optimization School

Jul 06, 2009 - 08:30
Jul 11, 2009 - 20:00
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Profs. Mani Bhushan and Santosh K. Gupta
SERC School on Optimization Techniques for Chemical Engineering Applications
Organized by Profs. Mani Bhushan and Santosh K. Gupta Department of Chemical Engineering IIT Bombay. Optimization is an active area of research and industrial activity in all areas of engineering science finance etc. It has gained importance in recent years with newer developments like evolutionary computation and global optimization techniques. These techniques enable the solution and implementation of large-scale real-life industrial problems which were hitherto unsolvable. The proposed SERC School aims to cover the fundamentals of classical optimization evolutionary optimization and global optimization techniques for chemical engineers using a tutorial approach. A few hands-on computer sessions are planned. Some case studies (based on recent research) on the optimization of industrial systems will be covered. In addition application of these techniques to emerging areas of chemical engineering e.g. sensor network design gene network analysis model predictive control etc. will be covered. The lectures will be delivered by experts having several years of experience in the simulation optimization and control of chemical and bio-engineering systems. This should be useful for participants in their teaching and should also help them undertake research on challenging industrial problems.AttachmentSize Flier_SERC_11May09.pdf263.96 KB