Industrial Process

Nov 26, 2008 - 00:00
Nov 29, 2008 - 23:59
Chemical Engg.
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Prof. Malik Ranjan Kumar Prof. Anurag Mehra Prof. A.K. Suresh
Modeling Analysis and Optimization of Industrial Processes
Modern industrial processes have to be designed and operated with a high level of understanding and in an optimal manner given the highly globalized and competitive milieu and the increasing enforcement of rigorous environmental standards. There is a tremendous need to comprehend not only the physical and chemical principles underlying a process but also to translate this understanding into a mathematical form solve the resulting equations and interpret/apply the results towards process improvement. The field of mathematical modeling has seen significant progress both in terms of techniques of modelling as well as in the ability to handle complex models. Thus it is possible in many instances today to reduce actual experimentation to a minimum and obtain the required information through numerical experimentation on the mathematical model.