Distillation systems CEP Course

Apr 06, 2009 - 00:00
Apr 10, 2009 - 17:00
IIT Bombay
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Prof Sanjay Mahajani
Advances in Distillation Systems
Introduction Distillation is one of the most commonly used separation techniques in the chemical industry spanning from refineries and petrochemicals to fine chemicals. Though distillation is one of the mature technologies there still remains a lot to be explored with the advent of its variants like Reactive distillation thermally coupled columns etc. There are growing contributions even on the theoretical front to give better insight and enable easier design of the distillation columns. This 5day course aims to give an overview of all these developments through both theory as well as experiments. Course Content The course would start by refreshing the basics of distillation and phase equilibrium and then concentrate on each of the different distillation types. To start with the conventional distillation systems with their unique features would be dealt with. Focus would then shift to azeotropic distillation (both homogeneous and heterogeneous) extractive distillation and Reactive distillation which are both challenging as well as have novel theoretical tools being developed to understand them better. Few lectures would also address other related issues that are of relevance like HeatIntegrated Distillation Columns (HIDC) some features of process control of distillation columns etc. Experiments to generate VLE data and obtain the interaction parameters using a commercial simulator and  distillation experiments on a labscale plant will be a part of the course. The ability of a simulator to predict this experimental data using an appropriate model will be demonstrated in the tutorials. Use of tools like conceptual design in obtaining a column sequence deciding the product purity for a given feed composition etc. will also be dealt with. Talks by few experienced persons from the industry on relevant issues are also included.  For details go to: http://www.iitb.ac.in/~cep/brochures/2009/smahajani-bro-09.pdf