Annual Progress Seminar

Rules and Guidelines governing Annual Progress Seminars for PhD Students.

All Ph.D. students shall after registration, submit Annual Progress Seminar Report (APS) for their previous year work through their supervisor(s) to the concerned DPGC/IDPC/SPC. The APS report required to be submitted once a year in August/January, depending upon their initial admission semester. The Annual Progress Seminar must be given on or before 30th August, by the students admitted in July and on or before 31st January, by the students admitted in January. This schedule will be followed till they submit presynopsis seminar.

The following guidelines approved by PGPC/PGAPEC, will be followed [1]:

  1. Ph.D. Student must present the Annual Progress Seminar (as per prescribed schedule) each year.
  2. In case, if he/she is not able to present Annual Progress Seminar in time for valid reason, an application for extension must be made at least 15 days before the last date for presentation of APS.
  3. Extension will be granted by PGAPEC on case to case basis with or without fine for late presentation. The fine would be @ Rs. 750/per week, from 1st September/1st February (as the case may be) . Such fine at prescribed rate for delay, will be charged till the date of presentation of APS.
  4. If the application for late presentation of Annual Progress Seminar is not made 15 days before expiry of last date, the concerned scholar will be charged additional fine of Rs. 750/ for not applying for extension in time.
  5. The report of Annual Progress Seminar in a prescribed format should reach the Academic Office within four days after the presentation, for further necessary action.
  6. Delay beyond 30th September/28th February (as the case may be) will cause for discontinuation /cancellation of Teaching Assistantship and or Studentship.
  7. The Assistantship for the period beyond the due date of renewal/enhancement will be released only after receipt of satisfactory APS report.
  8. All Research Scholars (irrespective of their basic qualifications) should give Annual Progress Seminars after completion of one year from the date of joining. This is applicable to Research Scholars who have joined their Ph.D. programmes effective from July, 2003.
  9. Ph.D. students who have been registered for five or more years in the Ph.D. Programme are required to submit a properly completed application on the approved form, for extension of Ph.D. registration to the subsequent year in the Ph.D. programme. This application must be completed and submitted on or before the last date for completing the Annual Progress Examination for the year prior to the year for which extension of Ph.D. registration is required. A penalty of Rs.750/per week or part thereof, shall be imposed for any delay in completing this process, beyond this deadline.(Ref: 197th Senate adjourned meeting held on 27th January 2010).

It is mandatory to present APS by all category of Research Scholars such as Teaching/Research Assistantship/External/Sponsored/NBHM/QIP/Self Finance/ Project/ Institute staff/College Teachers etc.

In case of CSIR/UGC fellows, the dates of their Annual Progress Seminar may be fixed by considering requirements of funding agency and such fixed schedule be followed strictly.

The presentation of Annual Progress Seminar (APS) is also required for renewal /enhancement of Assistantship/confirmation /continuation of their programme.

Guidelines for Ph.D students:

Ph.D rule set for Annual Progress Seminar (APS)

Report Submission & Seminar Dates
Student should submit his/her APS report one week before the presentation. As per the new guidelines,
Ph.D students in Fifth year and above should submit their reports in 3rd week of December and subsequently presentations should be given in 4th week of December i.e if the student submits his/her report on fourth day in 3rd week of December has to make his/her presentation on or after fourth day in 4th week of December. This will provide an effective seven days period for their RPC members to review his/her report and student must ensure that there will be a seven days period in between submission time and proposed presentation time.

For January Admissions:
1. Fifth year and above: 3rd week of December and 4th week of December
2. Fourth year: 4th week of December and 1st week of January
3. Third year: 1st week of January and 2nd week of January
4. Second year: 2nd week of January and 3rd week of January
5. First year: 3rd week of January and 4th week of January

For July Admissions:
1. Fifth year and above: 4th week of July and 5th week of July
2. Fourth year: 5th week of July and 1st week of August
3. Third year: 1st week of August and 2nd week of August
4. Second year: 2nd week of August and 3rd week of August
5. First year: 3rd week of August and 4th week of August

Guidelines for report (including first years):
Student must follow the guidelines (give below) in preparing his/her Annual Progress Seminar report.

Synopsis: Maximum of 10 pages (with one sided) and 1.5 line spacing with 11pt. The synopsis should include:
(a) Short abstract (150 words): Describes about the significance of methodology (if it is new or existing one but not used so far) and its necessity (degree of difficulty, complexity with improved results).
(b) Summary of previous work: This can be bulleted with the year wise results
(c) Objectives of the work done during the review period: This should have the work completed in the current year based on the feed back/recommendations given in the previous APS.
(d) Methodology
(e) Results and discussion
(f) Problems encountered
(g) Summary and future research plan for the next year.
This will have a hard limit of 10 pages, which will be enforced through making the submission of pdf version of synopsis mandatory.

2. An appendix comprising of previous evaluations by RPC and a detailed report as per suggestions of the guide.

Guidelines for presentation:
1. APS presentation should be limited to 20 minutes
2. Advisable to limit the number of slide to 20, i.e 1 minute per slide
Ph.D Requirements

Students should fulfill both the institute as well as department requirements to take the Ph.D Degree and are as follows,
Institute Requirements:
1. One paper in international journal and one conference paper (peer reviewed and recommended by guide(s) as equivalent to journal paper)
2. Two International Journals (or)
3. Two International Conferences
About expenditures for over sea conferences:
a) North America or South America: From Rs.60,000/- to 1,00,000/- (including registration fee of the conference)
b) Europe, Australia, New-Zeland, Japan & Africa: From Rs.45,000/- to Rs,65,000+ registration fee of the conference
c) Singapore, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, other Asian Countries: From Rs. 30,000/- to Rs.50,000+registration fee of the conference

Department Requirements: 
1. Department seminar should be given by a Ph.D student before submission of thesis, and is recommended at the period +/- one month from the Pre-syn. In this regarding, student has to submit the request form at the office and a copy to "seminar instructor" so that the slot can be arranged for the presentation. Student can also book the slot if he/she feels it is going to delay the further proceedings. It has been suggested to provide the slot in academic time i.e in between July to April (and)

2. Oral presentation in Research Scholars Symposium (or)
3. Oral / Poster presentation in ChEmference '18 since RSS '18 has been merged with this.


Extension forms for Ph.D mid stage Programme(TA/TAP):

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