Venkatesh Lab




Introduction to Biochemical Engineering

Scope and possibilities, characteristics and classification of biological matter, kinetics of microbial growth, balance equations for batch and continuous cultures, kinetics of enzyme catalysed reactions. Analysis of mixed microbial populations. Design and anlaysis of biological reactors. Production Isolation and utilization of enzymes. Transport phenomena in biological systems.



Bioprocess Principles

Introduction to biosystems: microorganisms, molecules, genetics, recombinant DNA systems. Principles of enzyme catalysis: enzyme kinetics, enzyme inhibition, enzyme and cell immobilization. Microbial growth and production: stoichiometry, energetics, unstructured and structured models, flux analyses, control analysis. Bioreactors: CSTR, PFR, fed batch, gas-liquid mass transfer, power requirements, control, data acquisition, sterilization, high-cell density cultivation. Separation methods: centrifugation, filtration, ultrafiltration, precipitation, chromatography, and electrophoresis. Other topics: bioinformatics, new classes of molecules, manufacturing, regulatory issues, and economic analyses.