Renewable Resources

Battery pack design for E-Scooter/Drone/EV applications

Battery pack design for an e-scooter, drone or EV is very interesting problem. With the new e-scooter boom in the market and pending EV boom in India, the need for battery pack design engineers is destined to grow. A battery pack design requires deeper understanding of the workings of a li-ion battery along with their dynamics in a group of batteries. This work consist of both simulation and experimental component.



Machine learning models for designing next-generation electrolytes for Li batteries

All solid-state batteries using lithium metal as anodes are currently being explored for high power and high energy density batteries. Traditional lithium ion batteries (LIBs) using liquid electrolytes pose significant issues, e.g., the organic electrolytes are flammable and undergo degradation. These issues can be overcome using solid electrolytes such as sulfide-based glassy and glass-ceramic solid electrolytes. Such materials have shown to possess very high ionic conductivities and excellent mechanical properties.

Polymer grafted nanoparticles as separation and fuel cell membranes

Polymer membranes are popular in separation and fuel cell applications.  Moreover, nanoparticle-filled polymer membranes can simultaneously improve properties such as permeability and selectivity.  The challenge lies in stabilizing these membranes against phase separation.  Recent progress in grafting polymer onto the surface of nanoparticles may mitigate some of these challenges.  This project uses statistical mechanics to study the efficacy of grafted nanoparticles as effective membrane materials.

Basic programming ability is needed.