Indo – US workshop on “Cyanobacteria : Molecular Networks to Biofuels”

16th December 2012

A joint Indo-US Workshop on “Cyanobacteria : Molecular Networks to Biofuels” held from December 16-20, 2012 at Lonavala, India was organized by Prof. Pramod P. Wangikar (IIT-Bombay) as part of a IUSSTF initiative. He co-chaired this workshop with Prof. Louis Sherman (Purdue University, USA). The workshop brought together established researchers, early career scientists and young doctoral students with a common interest in exploring many key aspects pertaining to cyanobacterial metabolism. The workshop focussed on the recent scientific advances made in the study of diverse cyanobacteria. A special emphasis was placed on working out the molecular networks in these photosynthetic prokaryotes with the specific aim of producing biofuels.

This workshop served as a melting pot for diverse ideas from researchers of the two countries and possibly paved the way for many productive future collaborations. With active participation from industry partners with their unique perspectives, a much more open channel has hopefully been forged between academic and industry partners of the two countries for continued future exchange of ideas and collaborative efforts.



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