Microfluidic Prototyping and Testing Facility

Nano Imprint Lithography Facility

CNI system showingstacked control module,thermal module and UV module (left) and the imprint chamber (right)

Force chamber (upper part) &imprint chamber (lower part)

Photo of the closed imprint chamber

CNI user interface:imprint recipe editor

CNI user interface: Liveprocess window


  • Thermal nanoimprint up to 240oC
  • UV nanoimprint at 365 nm
  • Imprint in vacuum (1 mbar)
  • The CNI v2.1 is a flexible nanoimprint tool offeringhot embossing, thermal nanoimprint lithography, UV nanoimprint lithographyand combined thermal and UV nanoimprint lithography. The system can also be configured to perform imprinting in vacuum. The chamber can handle different shapes and sizesof stamps and substrates up to a maximum diameter of 100 mm (4-inch).While the regular imprint module allows thermal imprint up to 200 oC, a high temperature module allows imprinting at temperatures up to 240 oC.

The process flow can be controlled by installing the proprietary software on a laptop. A recipe editor allows adjusting of process parameters. The software comes pre-loaded with standard recipes for most stamps and substrates.The process window shows real-time measurements in a graphical representation.

Note: Each slot is of 1h duration.

Faculty: Prof. Debjani Paul

Contact: +91-22-2576 5503

NGS Platform

Ion torrent S5 (ThermoFischer)

• Tageted to exome and transcriptome sequencing can be performed
• Built-in Informatics -no external server required
• Compatible with Ion 520, 530 and 540 chips
• Requires just 10ng DNA from clinical samples

Ion One touch 2 System

• Easy-to-use, benchtop system

• Automates template preparation protocol

Ion One touch ES

• Used for enrichment of template positive Ion sphere particles

Broadband Optical interferometry and Microspectroscopy - Broadband spectral interferometry set-up

  • Instrument Name: Broad-band spectral interferometry set-up
  • Applications: Simultaneous determination of absorption and phase change (complete optical response)
  • User Instructions: Currently operational for liquid samples, soon to be upgraded for solid transparent samples
Faculty: Prof. Parinda Vasa
Phone: +91-22-2576 7556
Email: parinda[at]iitb.ac.in

Microarray Platform - HRMAS Probe

Equipment Name: HRMAS probe for 1H detection from Tissue, cell and biomaterials. for Bruker 750 MHz instrument

User Charges – On hourly basis

External user: University college (2000), National lab (4000), Industries (8500)

Internal user: INR 500.

Faculty: Prof. Ashutosh Kumar


Phone: +91-22 2576 7762

E-mail: ashutoshk[at]iitb.ac.in

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Facility: Spin Tissue Processor

Spin Tissue Processor
Make and Model: Thermo Fisher Scientific & STP 120-1

Description of item: – Process biological specimens from chemical fixation to paraffin infiltration. A compact, bench top carousel tissue processor, its unique design uses programmable gentle centrifugal force to augment normal vertical agitation process associated with carousel processors.


  • Immediate and delayed start processing modes
  • Programmable spinning speed of either 60 or 70rpm; spinning can also be programmed off
  • Programmable immersion time in each station (from 1 minute to 90 hours: 59 minutes)
  • Basket capacity of 120 or 240 cassettes
  • Battery backup system in case of power failure
Faculties: Prof. Prakriti Tayalia, Prof. Rahul Purwar
Contact: +91-22-2576 4775

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Facility: Embedding Workstation

Embedding Workstation
Make and Model: Thermo Fisher Scientific & HistoStar

Description of item: – Embed routine tissue samples into paraffin blocks for microtome sectioning comfortably and efficiently. This workstation reduces fatigue and potential errors common when using other uncomfortable, hot or poorly illuminated embedding centers.


•    Brightly Illuminated and Clutter Free: – User-adjustable LED lighting uniformly illuminates the workspace without the clutter of awkward remote lamps, reducing fatigue and minimizing errors.
•    Cool and Contoured: – Smooth and insulated user contact points provide a cool, comfortable workspace. Constructed to eliminate pressure points and uncomfortable heat conditions.
•    High Capacity for High Efficiency: – 5 liter paraffin capacity, cold plate area for 72 base molds, large heated workspace and specimen holding area enable users to manage heavy workflow in even the busiest laboratories.

Faculties: Prof. Prakriti Tayalia, Prof. Rahul Purwar
Contact: +91-22-2576 4775

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Facility: Electronic Rotary Microtome

Make and Model: Thermo Fisher Scientific & HM 340E

Description of item: –

Designed for precision and stability which yields quality ribbons even for difficult to cut paraffin sections, the Thermo Scientific™ HM 340E Electronic Microtome is an ergonomically designed, electronic rotary microtome with stepping-motor advance technology for precision and stability to provide superior sectioning results.

• Fast, safe, and comfortable use
• Selectable retraction
• Specimen advance (specimen moves toward the knife)
• Zero-orientation head
• Guide-rail guidance
• Menu driven control panel can be used on either side of instrument
• Section thickness ranging from 0.5 to 100μm

Faculties: Prof. Prakriti Tayalia, Prof. Rahul Purwar
Contact: +91-22-2576 4775

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Facility: Slim Line Hotplate and Water bath

Slim Line Hotplate and Water bath
Make and Model: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Description of item: – Optimize your laboratory’s slide mounting workflow with Thermo Scientific™ Slim Line Hotplates. Designed for quick drying of slides, heat fixing of bacterial smears, and easy repositioning of paraffin samples, each features an ultra-fast heating system and small form factor.

• Compact footprint
• Back-lit on/off button on front of the instrument
• Matte black hotplate surface for improved section visibility
• Fixed heat setting of 75°C
• Ultra-fast heating system
• MNon-slip feet
• Anti-microbial coating

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Facility: Automatic Slide Stainer

Gemini AS Automated Slide Stainer
Make and Model: Thermo Fisher Scientific & Gemini AS

Description of item: –

The ultimate multitasking stainer with a footprint small enough to place exactly where it is needed for optimal laboratory workflow. The Gemini AS Automated Slide Stainer delivers high-throughput staining capabilities to the busy histology laboratory. With its new intuitive touch-screen interface, operation is easy-to-learn and simple-to-use. The unique dual-level design, with integrated power supply and touch-screen, ensures maximum space savings. With its small footprint, the Gemini AS Stainer can be placed near the sectioning area for optimal workflow. The intelligent look-ahead control software provides the ability to run up to 12 slide racks simultaneously with minimal reduction in speed. The “urgent” feature enables a rack to be given priority for MOHS surgery or similar STAT needs. The five heated stations provide maximum throughput without the need for a separate drying oven.

Faculties: Prof. Prakriti Tayalia, Prof. Rahul Purwar
Contact: +91-22-2576 4775

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Facility: Cryostat

Make and Model: Thermo Fisher Scientific & HM525 NX

Description of item:-

Deliver high quality routine results comfortably and efficiently with the Thermo Scientific™ HM525 NX Cryostat, a high performance routine cryostat with intuitive software and touch screen for simple, efficient operation. The HM525 NX Cryostat combines the proven operation and reliability of the HM525 cryostat and the new ergonomics and intuitive interface of the Thermo Scientific NX series cryostats.

Ergonomic/Safety features
• Mechanical hand wheel lock
• Optional UV disinfection
• Automatic specimen retraction on return stroke
• Touch screen operation with intuitive software to accommodate multiple users
Cryochamber features
• Chamber cooling to -35°C
• 27 cryobar storage positions including 4 quick freeze locations
• Integrated peltier fast freezing device rapidly cools to -57°C ± 3°C
• Programmable and immediate defrost options
Microtome features
• Manual light touch rotary flywheel
• Section thickness from 1µm to 500µm
• Memory function for rapid advance and specimen positioning
• Vertical stroke length of 60mm28mm horizontal feed range
• 40μm specimen retraction on return stroke
• XY specimen orientation with 360° z axis rotation

Faculties: Prof. Prakriti Tayalia, Prof. Rahul Purwar
Contact: +91-22-2576 4775

Microarray Platform - Fluorescence Acquisition and Analysis with Imaging System

Fluorescence Acquisition & Analysis System

• Fluorescence image capturing for biological protein analysis is one of its significant purpose
• Two lasers: Green (532 nm) & Red (635 nm) will excite the hybridized microarray
• Laser line filters are working as emission filters
• NDF filters can be used for laser beam attenuation
• CMOS camera is attached for detection and capture of Fluorescence images
• Analysis of images is possible with an analysis system

Ultra Low Light Intensity Imaging System

• This setup consists of smart phone enabled LED source which will excite the biological protein sample containing chemical dye
• Excitation , emission, NDF filters will be integrated for selective excitation and emission of light waves
• A sophisticated CCD camera captures fluoresced images under very low light
• Analysis of images is possible by the analysis system

Device Fabrication and DC/AC/RF Facility

Equipment Names:  

1. DC Characterization with Probe Station

2. RF Characterization with Probe Station

Faculties: Prof. Maryam Shojaei, Prof. Chandramouli Subramaniam

Contact: +91-22-25765503

Device Fabrication and DC/AC/RF Facility - E Beam Evaporation System

E Beam Evaporation System

Equipment Name – E Beam Evaporation System

Faculty: Prof. Dipti Gupta]

Contact: +91-22-25765503

High Performance Computing (HPC) Facility - No slots available

High Performance Computing Facility

Equipment Name: High Performance Computing Facility

Description of item – The High Performance Computing facility has CPU
servers from Dell and GPU servers from Supermicro.

Faculty Name – Prof. Suyash Awate

Facility Contact Details – +91-22-25765503 

Broadband Optical interferometry and Microspectroscopy Facility - Microspectroscopy setup

Equipment Names:  

1. Inverted Optical Research Microscope

2. sCMOS Camera with Polychromator

Faculty: Prof. Arindam Chowdhury

Contact: +91-22-25765503

Pilot Scale Fermentor Facility for Microbial and Animal Cell Cultures

Equipment Name: Minibioreactor System

Make and Model: Mini Bio Bundle : 250 ml with MyControl, two additional built in pumps, three channel MFC, Level Pump Pack. Applikon Biotechnology BV

Description of item: MiniBioreactor system (A BioBundle) is a complete bioreactor system equipped with necessary components and ready to use. It is easy to set up and can be used for screening studies, media and process optimization. The system comes with the intelligent control system.

Faculty: Prof. Pramod Wangikar

Contact: +91-22-2576 4215

Equipment Name: Animal Cell Bioreactor Facility

Faculty: Prof. Sarika Mehra

Contact: +91-22-25765503

Protein Analysis Facility

Equipment Name: Avanti JXN Centrifuge

Faculty: Prof. Ruchi Anand

Contact: +91-22-2576 5503

Equipment Name: Optima-XPN-100-Ultracentrifuge

Faculty: Prof. Ruchi Anand

Contact: +91-22-2576 5503

Equipment Name: Flash Chromatography System

Application: Precise instant purification of small carbohydrate molecules as well as glycolipids. 

Faculty: Prof. Suvarn Kulkarni

Contact: +91-22-25765503

Equipment Name: Glovebox

Application: For transfer and weighing of moisture sensitive reagents that is needed for synthesis of glycol-conjugates.

Faculty: Prof. Suvarn Kulkarni

Contact: +91-22-25765503

Equipment Name: Minus 30 Degree Freezer

Application: For storing glycolipids and glycoproteins

Faculty: Prof. Suvarn Kulkarni

Contact: +91-22-25765503

Equipment Name: Digital polarimeter

Application: To determine the optical purity of complex glyco-conjugates

Faculty: Prof. Suvarn Kulkarni

Contact: +91-22-25765503