Pattern formation in multi-scale systems


The goal of this project is to address fundamental questions about spontaneous patterns that emerge as a consequence of instabilities in multi-scale systems. Examples of such patterns include cloud streets and waves on films in coated-wall reactors. Some questions of interest are: How does the pattered state get triggered? How is a specific pattern selected from noisy disturbances? How do multiple instability modes interact across scales? These questions will be investigated in the context of concrete physical systems, but with a focus on understanding general principles. As an example, the article referenced below addresses the issue of pattern selection in a multi-layer film, which serves as a stage for complex interactions between two distinct interfacial instability modes.

J. R. Picardo and R. Narayanan, Interfacial pattern selection in defiance of linear growth, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 829, 345-363, 2017

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