Human metabolomics for precision medicine.


Metabolomics, or the study of all cellular metabolites, promises to be a new cornerstone in disease diagnosis and precision medicine.  Several recent reports demonstrate that metabolite profiles are excellent indicators of the health status of individuals.  In addition, metabolomics monitoring is likely to be included in the clinical trials on a routine basis.  Most of these reports are with Caucasian patients with almost no data available for the Indian population.  Furthermore, the field of metabolomics is not nearly as developed as proteomics or transcriptomics.  Identification and quantification of a large number of metabolites is a challenge.  Our objective is to identify intracellular metabolites as biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis of disease in the Indian population.  In the present project, we will perform metabolomics experiments on diabetic and pre-diabetic patients and healthy controls.  In addition, samples and data will be obtained from the UK Biobank and the Swedish twin registry.  The data will be collected with the high resolution LC/MS/MS available in our lab. The work will involve extensive data analysis and multivariate statistical analysis. 

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