PhD Qualifiers

PhD Qualifiers Students joining the PhD program in Chemical Engineering are required to take qualifiers in two subjects, and students have to clear them within the first year of joining for confirmation of PhD registration. Every student will be allowed two attempts to pass the qualifiers. The department has identified a basket of courses to choose from, based on the different streams of students joining our PhD program.

The subjects in which each of them will be tested is listed below.

  • Chemical Engineering background 
    1. Transport Phenomena  : CL601, CL336 
    2. Thermodynamics  : CL607, CL260
    3. Reaction Engineering  : CL605, CL325
    4. Mathematical Methods : CL 602, CL 701

  • Non-ChE Background
    1. Introduction to Chemical Engineering : CL 152 
    2. Mathematical Methods for Biologists BS 635
    3. Bioprocess Principles  : CL659
    4. Molecular Biology: BS 403
    5. Metabolism and Bioenergetics: BS404
    6. Introduction to Bio-Mathematics: BM601
    7. Mathematical Methods: CL 602, CL 701
    8. Thermodynamics: CL607, CL260
    9. Transport Phenomena: CL601, CL336
    10. Optimization: CL 603
    11. Multivariate Statistics: CL 672

  • PhD candidates with an M.Tech or equivalent degree will be required to credit two 6 credit courses, in addition to Institute course requirement, as departmental requirement towards qualifying for confirmation of PhD candidature. Since PhD candidates with a B.Tech./M.Sc. degree, are required by the Institute to take 44 credits, they will be required to credit an additional course as departmental requirement towards qualifying for confirmation of PhD candidature. However, out of total of 50 credits, at least two courses should be from the basket of qualifying courses. The qualifying course requirement is waived to candidates who have completed their M. Tech. in Chemical Engineering from IIT Bombay.
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