Research and Development Projects

The following is a list of selected sponsored R&D projects taken up in the department. The trend of number of ongoing projects is shown elsewhere.
PeriodTitlePrincipal Investigators
Mar 2011 - Mar 2014Prediction of thermodynamic properties for industrially important polymerization systems using molecular simulation
Mar 2011 - May 2014Process Improvements and Technology Dissemination in Jaggery Making.
Jan 2011 - Jan 2014Transport Properties in Nanofluids
Oct 2010 - Nov 2013JC BOSE FELLOWSHIP
Aug 2010 - Aug 2013CSIR Junior Research Fellowship in r/o Ms. Amrita singh (Roll No. 08530020)
Aug 2010 - Aug 2013Grid-enabled aerosol modeling system for climate change studies.
Jul 2010 - Jun 2013DST Screening Committee Meeting for Fast Track Scheme for Young Scientist-Engineering Sciences on 6th July' 2010 at IIT Bombay
Jul 2010 - Jun 2013DST / Characterization of Chemotaxis in Escherichia coli to controlled gradients of ligands in the presence of oxygen
Jul 2010 - May 2013Multifunctional nanoparticle probes for in vivo cancer stem cell imaging and targeted treatment
Jul 2010 - Jul 2013Solar Bio-fuel and Carbon Sequestration with Cyanobacteria : Role of Genetic Networks.
Jul 2010 - May 2013Development of Biotransformation process for synthesis of Chirally pure compounds
Jul 2010 - May 2013Electric Field Induced Vesicle and Drop Deformation.
Jul 2010 - Jun 2013SERC School on Electrochemical Systems
Jun 2010 - Jul 2013Electronics design using DSP, FPGA, CPLD and Micro controllers through simulation and direct access of the hardware
Jun 2010 - Jul 2013Chemical Engg. Lab I
Jun 2010 - May 2013Discipline wise co-ordination
Apr 2010 - Apr 2013SERC Scheme for the Introduction to Immunology for Physical Scientist & Engineers is schedule to be held in May 2010.
Apr 2010 - May 2013Studies on Underground Coal Gasification for Indian Coals-II
Apr 2010 - May 2013Research and Development support SERC (FIST) Programme.... Chemical Engg.Dept.


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Yearsort iconAuthorTitle
9998Layek, Arunasish; Mishra, Gargi; Sharma, Archana; Spasova, Marina; Dhar, Subhabrata; Chowdhury, Arindam; Bandyopadhyaya, RajdipA Generalized Three-Stage Mechanism of ZnO Nanoparticle Formation in Homogeneous Liquid Medium
9998D. Sateesh; R. N. Mandapati; S. M. Mahajani; A. Ganesh; P. Aghalayam; D. K. Mathur; R. K. SharmaLaboratory studies on combustion cavity growth in lignite coal blocks in the context of Underground Coal Gasification
9998Nandola, N.N.; Bhartiya, S.Hybrid system identification using a structural approach and its model based control: An experimental validation
9998C. Ravikumar; S. Kumar; R. BandyopadhyayaAggregation of dextran coated magnetic nanoparticles in aqueous medium: Experiments and Monte Carlo simulation
9998Dhananjaneyulu V; Sagar PVN; Kumar G; Viswanathan GANoise propagation in two-step series MAPK cascade
9998Patidar, P.; Mahajani, S.M.Esterification of Fusel Oil Using Reactive Distillation- Part I: Reaction Kinetics
9998J. S. Jayakumar; S. M. Mahajani; J. C. Mandal; K. N. Iyer; P. K. VijayanThermal Hydraulic Characteristics of Air-Water Two-phase Flows in Helical Pipes
9998Saeikh Z. Hassan, Madhu VinjamurParametric effects on kinetics of esterification for biodiesel production: A Taguchi approach
2019Jason R. Picardo, L. Agasthya, R. Govindarajan and S. S. RayFlow structures govern particle collisions in turbulence
2019Ravi Sankannavar; Sanjeev ChaudhariAn imperative approach for fluorosis mitigation: Amending aqueous calcium to suppress hydroxyapatite dissolution in defluoridation
2019Jason R. Picardo, L. Agasthya, R. Govindarajan and S. S. RayFlow structures govern particle collisions in turbulence
2019Ravi Sankannavar; K. C. Sandeep; Sachin Kamath; Akkihebbal K. Suresh; A. SarkarHigh oxygen evolution reaction activity on lithiated nickel oxides - Activity descriptors
2018Haseen Siddiqui, Sonal K. Thengane, Sandeep Sharma, Sanjay M. MahajaniRevamping downdraft gasifier to minimize clinker formation for high-ash garden waste as feedstock
2018Ravi Sankannavar; A. SarkarThe electrocatalysis of oxygen evolution reaction on La1−xCaxFeO3−δ perovskites in alkaline solution
2018Ravi Sankannavar; K. C. Sandeep; Sachin Kamath; Akkihebbal K. Suresh; A. SarkarImpact of Strontium-Substitution on Oxygen Evolution Reaction of Lanthanum Nickelates in Alkaline Solution
2017Sushil K. Surwase ; Devyani Varshney ; Nitinkumar V. Patel and Mani BhushanNonlinear State Estimation for Three Tank Experimental Setup: A Comparative Evaluation
2015D. Das ; V.A. Juvekar; S.B. Roy; R. BhattacharyaEfficacy of Extraction of U(VI) by Liquid Emulsion Membrane (LEM) using TOPO, D2EHPA and TOA
2015Asfiya Q. Contractor; V.A.JuvekarEstimation of equilibrium capacitance of polyaniline films using step voltammetry
2015Diptendu Das; V. A. Juvekar; R. Bhattacharya Co-extraction of U(VI) and HNO3 using TBP and Its Higher Homologues TiAP and TEHP: Comparison of Equilibria , Kinetics and Rate of Extraction’
2015D. Das; V. A. Juvekar; R. Bhattacharya Co-extraction/stripping of mineral acids and iron (III) by Tri-n-Butyl Phosphate

Awards given by the Department

The Manudhane Excellence Awards have been made possible through a donation from the Indira Foundation, a trust promoted by a 1975 alumnus of the Chemical Engineering Department, Mr. Avi Nash. The individual awards are named after his parents Mr. R. G. Manudhane and Mrs. Indira Manudhane and are intended to encourage excellence in learning, teaching and research (particularly applied research) in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay.

Research Areas

The department is involved in a variety of frontier and traditional areas in chemical engineering research, under the broad areas of: The following is a rough classification of the research undertaken under these, and the names of faculty members involved. Please consult the faculty links for further details.
A separate list of research areas ordered by faculty is also available here.