Complaints and requests

This service is provided to help you register a complaint or request a job, through a web page, for departmental IT services such as Email, Web, Room 240, Medusa room, Desktop computers, Lecture hall computers, etc.

Register a Complaint Here!

Steps to Register a Complaint

  1. Login with your IITB LDAP ID and password, and click on the "New Ticket" icon.
  2. Compose a message to the appropriate category, Choose the priority, and Submit it. The table below provides an indicative estimate of the urgency of completion of a job.
    Priority Approx Time
    Very High 2 hrs
    High5 hrs
    Normal 1-2 days
    Low 3-5 days
    Very Low 2 weeks

About OTRS

OTRS, which is short for Open-source Ticket Request System, is an open-source Issue tracking system software package which an institution can use to assign tickets (JobIDs) to incoming queries, thereby greatly facilitating the handling of support requests and other customer traffic.

We encourage you to use this service to register a complaint so that it is easy to keep track of all the requests at one place and streamline the services. Unless it is exteremely
urgent, please avoid taking the sysads by person to attend to your requests.