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18 July 2007

Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay

Content of EDP Report

1. Selection of the Manufacturing Route: Use available literature to compare

different routes and selection of the most feasible route

2. Detailed Process Flow diagram: Mass and Energy balances including purge and


3. Process Design of select equipments: Reactor, Distillation Column (or an

alternate separation unit), Heat Exchanger. Process design should include (i)

optimization of all process parameters using thermodynamic, and kinetic/

transport data, (ii) Complete sizing of equipment

4. Mechanical design of the selected process equipments: Selection of material of

construction, estimation of wall thickness, design of support and select fittings

5. Design of Process Control strategy: Development of control strategy for

operation of one of the designed process equipments. Methodology would involve

(i) selection of a critical input or output stream, (ii) identification of control

variables (iii) demonstration of the optimal strategy using calculations for the

control loop parameters

6. Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Aspects: Ranking of critical

equipments by hazard index, identification of mitigation techniques/technologies

for undesirable / accident events that may involve the selected equipment; one

ETP protocol and design of a critical unit

7. Site Selection and Plant Layout: Consider basic economics, standards and

process risk management aspects for deciding general layout

8. Financial analysis: Estimation of capital and annual operating costs for the

plant, calculation of net annual profit and payback period

References for EDP

Special References:

(Following handbook/ encyclopdia are available in reference section of the Central


1. Kirk Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology (R), New York, Interscience


2. Encyclopedia of chemical processing and design / edited by John J. Mcketta

New York : Marcel Dekker, 1976

3. Ullmann's encyclopedia of industrial chemistry , 5th rev., Weinheim : VCH Pub.,


4. Encyclopedia of Bioprocess Technology (R), Michael Flickinger and Stephen

Drew (eds).

5. Chemical Properties Handbook (R), Carl Yaws.

Guidelines EDP Report Content / References Page 2 of 2

6. American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Thermophysical properties for

industrial process design / edited by Theodore, B. Selover and Chau-Chyun

Chen, New York: AICHE, 1994.

7. Handbook of Chemical Engineering Calculations (R), Nicholas Chopey.


• Kirk-Othmer, Ullman’s Encyclopedia etc. provide introduction to Process

technology for chemical substances

• Mcketta’s Encyclopedia (vols 1-60) provides detailed methodology for design of

all types of process units. Vols 1-5 contain examples of full-fledged process plant

design for select chemical substances

• Also one may refer to UNIDO reports for feasibility analysis of chemical processes

General References

(Amongst others all the following texts are available in the book section of the Central


1. Smith, Robin, Chemical process design, New York : McGraw-Hill, 1995

2. Dryden C.L., Outlines of Chemical Technology

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8. Chemical Process Technology, Jacob Moulign et. al.

9. Applied Process Design, Ernest Ludwig.


1. Hydrocarbon Processing

2. Oil and Gas Journal

3. Chemical Engineering

Note: Referring to websites of major technology companies (UOP, Mobil, Dow,

Dupont, BASF, etc may also be helpful in obtaining design related information)

Prof Sandip Roy/ Prof Rochish Thaokar

(BTP Co-coordinators, 2007-08)