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YearAuthorsort iconTitle
1997 A. Hasnat;V.A. JuvekarIon exchange in weak acid resin: Diffusion in shrinking core
1996 A. Hasnat;V.A. JuvekarIon-Exchange Kinetics: Heterogeneous resin phase model
2006 A. Malani; K. G. Ayappa; S. Murad;Effect of confinement on the hydration and solubility of NaCl in water
2009 Anuradha Kuchibhatla; A. S. Abdul Rasheed; Janaky Narayanan; Jayesh Bellare; Dulal PandaAn Analysis of FtsZ Assembly Using Small Angle X-ray Scattering and Electron Microscopy
2009 Balaji V.S.Iyer; Ashish K. Lele; Vinay A. Juvekar and Raghunath A. Mashelkar Self-Similar Dynamics of a Flexible Ring Polymer in a Fixed Obstacle Environment: A Coarse-Grained Molecular Model
2010 Jiang S.; Chen Q.; Tripathy M.; Luijten E.; Schweizer K. S. and Granick S.Janus particle synthesis and assembly
2009 Karnail B Singh; Girish Deoghare; Mahesh S Tirumkudulu Cracking in soft-hard latex blends: theory and experiments.
2011 Neus Vilanova; Venkata R. Gundabala; and Alberto Fernandez-NievesDrop size control in electro-coflow
2002 P. Ghosh;V.A. JuvekarAnalysis of the Drop Rest Phenomenon
2003 P. Ghosh;V.A. JuvekarEffect of Temperature on Permeation of Air through Thin Liquid Films
2008 P. R. Kotecha, M. D. Kapali, M. Bhushan, and R. D. GudiMulti-Objective Optimization Issues in Short-Term Batch Scheduling
2011 P. S. Goswami, V. KumaranParticle dynamics in the channel flow of a turbulent particle-gas suspension at high Stokes number. Part 1: DNS and fluctuating force model
2013 Purushottam Soni; Vinay A. Juvekar; Vijay M. Naik Investigation on dynamics of double emulsion droplet in a uniform electric field
2001 Sunthar, P. ; Kumaran, V. Behaviour of lower-order moments in a dense vibrofluidised granular material
2009 Tripathy M ; and Schweizer K. S.;The influence of shape on the glassy dynamics of hard nonspherical particle fluids I. Dynamic crossover and elasticity
1993 V.M. Bhandari; V.A. Juvekar;S. R. PatwardhanSorption of dibasic acids on weak base resins
2006 Venkata R. Gundabala and Alexander F. RouthThinning of drying latex films due to surfactant
2008 Venkata R. Gundabala; Chun-hong Lee; Keltoum Ouzineb; Olivier Dupont; Joseph L. Keddie; and Alexander F. RouthLateral surface non-uniformities in drying latex films
2011 Venkata R. Gundabala; Sergio Martinez-Escobar; Manuel Marquez; and Alberto Fernandez-Nieves Celloidosomes via glass-based microfluidics
2011 Vimal Katiyar ; Hemant NanavatiMore cost-effective, superior biodegradable food packaging