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2012Upadhyay, R.; Ghosal, D.; Mehra, A.Characterization of bread dough: Rheological properties and microstructure
2012Patil, B.V.; Bhartiya, S.; Nataraj, P.S.V.; Nandola, N.N.Multiple-model based predictive control of nonlinear hybrid systems based on global optimization using the Bernstein polynomial approach
2012Mandal, D.; Sathiyamoorthy, D.; Vinjamur, M.Experimental measurement of effective thermal conductivity of packed lithium-titanate pebble bed
2012Phapal, S.M.; Sunthar, P.A novel single step method of synthesizing large unilamellar liposomes for biomedical applications
2012Hore, Dipabali; Majumder, Abhijit; Mondal, Subrata; Roy, Abhijit; Ghatak, AnimangsuHow to make a cylinder roll uphill
2012Sahu, S. N.; Gokhale, A. A.; Mehra, A.Numerical Prediction of Effect of Oxide Characteristics on Heterogeneous Nucleation of Bubbles in Aluminium Foaming
2012Manohar, C.; Narayanan, J.Average packing factor approach for designing micelles, vesicles and gel phases in mixed surfactant systems
2012A. Malani; and K. G. Ayappa,Relaxation and jump dynamics of water at the mica interface
2012Dhakhwa, S.; Bandyopadhyay, S.; Majozi, T.; Garg, A.Efficacy of Chemical Oxidation and Coagulation for COD and Color Reduction from Pulp Mill Effluent
2012Srinivasarengan, K.; Mutyam, L.; Belur, M.N.; Bhushan, M.; Tiwari, A.P.; Kelkar, M.G.; Pramanik, M.Flux estimation from Vanadium and Cobalt Self Powered Neutron Detectors (SPNDs): Nonlinear exact inversion and Kalman filter approaches
2012R M ThaokarDielectrophoresis and Deformation of a liquid drop in a non-uniform, axisymmetric AC electric field
2012Srinivasan, N.R.; Bandyopadhyaya, R.Highly accessible SnO 2 nanoparticle embedded SBA-15 mesoporous silica as a superior photocatalyst
2012Mandal, D.; Sharma, V. K.; Pant, H. J.; Sathiyamoorthy, D.; Vinjamur, M.Quality of fluidization in gas-solid unary and packed fluidized beds: An experimental study using gamma ray transmission technique
2012Kolluri, S.; Bhushan, M.Reallocation Index Based Sensor Network Designfor Efficient Fault Diagnosis
2012Sarkar, A.; Tirumkudulu, M. S.Ultimate strength of a colloidal packing
2012Rutuja Upadhyay, Debjani Ghosal, Anurag MehraCharacterization of bread dough: Rheological properties and microstructure
2012Ravikumar, C.; Kumar, S.; Bandyopadhyaya, R.Aggregation of dextran coated magnetic nanoparticles in aqueous medium: Experiments and Monte Carlo simulation
2012Y. Shastri; A.C. Hansen; L.F. Rodriguez; and K.C. TingSwitchgrass – practical issues in developing a fuel crop
2012Dhananjaneyulu, V.; Sagar, P. V. N.; Kumar, G.; Viswanathan, G. A.Noise Propagation in Two-Step Series MAPK Cascade
2012Deshpande, S.S.; Joy, P.; Patwardhan, S.C.Computationally efficient globally linearizing control of a CSTR and the Tennessee Eastman problem using quadratic perturbation models