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2012Chikramane, P. S.; Kalita, D.; Suresh, A. K.; Kane, S. G.; Bellare, J. R.Why Extreme Dilutions Reach Non-zero Asymptotes: A Nanoparticulate Hypothesis Based on Froth Flotation
2012Ul Hasan, S.; Malik, R.; Mahajani, S.Conceptual design of single-feed hybrid multiproduct reactive distillation column for selectivity engineering
2012Pannala, V.R.; Hazarika, S.J.; Bhat, P.J.; Bhartiya, S.; Venkatesh, K.V.Growth-related model of the GAL system in Saccharomyces cerevisiae predicts behaviour of several mutant strains
2012Kalaga, D. V.; Reddy, R. K.; Joshi, J. B.; Dalvi, S. V.; Nandkumar, K.Liquid phase axial mixing in solid-liquid circulating multistage fluidized bed: CFD modeling and RTD measurements
2012Kathirmani, S.; Tangirala, A. K.; Saha, S.; Mukhopadhyay, S.Online data compression of MFL signals for pipeline inspection
2012Parikh, N.N.; Patwardhan, S.C.; Gudi, R.D.Closed loop identification of quadruple tank system using an improved indirect approach
2012Patidar, P.; Mahajani, S. M.Esterification of fusel oil using reactive distillation - Part I: Reaction kinetics
2012Jaiswal, A.K.; Chandra, V.; Bhonde, R.R.; Soni, V.P.; Bellare, J.R.Mineralization of nanohydroxyapatite on electrospun poly(L-lactic acid)/gelatin by an alternate soaking process: A biomimetic scaffold for bone regeneration
2012Daggupati, S.; Mandapati, R. N.; Mahajani, S. M.; Ganesh, A.; Pal, A. K.; Sharma, R. K.; Aghalayam, P.Compartment Modeling and Flow Characterization in Nonisothermal Underground Coal Gasification Cavities
2012Arya, R.K.; Vinjamur, M.Sensitivity analysis of free-volume theory parameters in multicomponent polymer-solvent-solvent systems
2012Malakar, P.; Venkatesh, K.V.Effect of substrate and IPTG concentrations on the burden to growth of Escherichia coli on glycerol due to the expression of Lac proteins
2012Kumar, R.; Pant, H. J.; Sharma, V. K.; Mohan, S.; Mahajani, S. M.Investigation of hydrodynamic behaviour of a pilot-scale trickle bed reactor packed with hydrophobic and hydrophilic packings using radiotracer technique
2012Gudi, R.; Gopaluni, B.; Huang, B.4th Symposium on Advanced Control of Industrial Processes (ADCONIP)
2012Rathi, P.; Sikder, S.; Adhikari, J.Structural characterization of III-V zinc blende compound semiconductors using Monte Carlo simulations
2012Dahe, G.J.; Teotia, R.S.; Bellare, J.R.Correlation between spinning temperature, membrane morphology, and performance of Psf/PVP/NMP/Water hollow fiber membrane forming system
2012Dahe, G. J.; Teotia, R. S.; Bellare, J. R.Correlation between spinning temperature, membrane morphology, and performance of Psf/PVP/NMP/Water hollow fiber membrane forming system
2012Cherian, R.; Venkataraman, C.; Ramachandran, S.; Quaas, J.; Kedia, S.Examination of aerosol distributions and radiative effects over the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea region during ICARB using satellite data and a general circulation model
2012Mathew, S.; Saran, A.D.; Joseph, S.A.; Bhardwaj, B.S.; Punj, D.; Radhakrishnan, P.; Nampoori, V.P.N.; Vallabhan, C.P.G.; Bellare, J.R.Nonlinear optical characterization and measurement of optical limiting threshold of CdSe quantum dots prepared by a microemulsion technique
2012Lam, N. L.; Chen, Y. J.; Weyant, C.; Venkataraman, C.; Sadavarte, P.; Johnson, M. A.; Smith, K. R.; Brem, B. T.; Arineitwe, J.; Ellis, J. E.; Bond, T. C.Household Light Makes Global Heat: High Black Carbon Emissions From Kerosene Wick Lamps
2012Bavdekar, V.A.; Patwardhan, S.C.Development of grey box state estimators for systems subjected to time correlated unmeasured disturbances