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2012V Dhananjaneyulu; P Vidya Ananda Sagar; Gopalakrishnan Kumar; Ganesh A ViswanathanNoise propagation in two-step series MAPK cascade
2012Dahe, G.J.; Teotia, R.S.; Bellare, J.R.The role of zeolite nanoparticles additive on morphology, mechanical properties and performance of polysulfone hollow fiber membranes
2012Bhattacharjee, J.; Aswal, V. K.; Hassan, P. A.; Pamu, R.; Narayanan, J.; Bellare, J.Structural evolution in catanionic mixtures of cetylpyridinium chloride and sodium deoxycholate
2012Temgire, M.K.; Manohar, C.; Bellare, J.; Joshi, S.S.Structural studies on nonequilibrium microstructures of dioctyl sodium dodecyl sulfosuccinate (Aerosol-OT) in p-toluenesulfonic acid and phosphatidylcholine
2012Shetty, M.; Pawar, A.A.; Mehra, A.; Venkataraman, C.Aerosol synthesis of lipid nanoparticles: Relating crystallinity to simulated evaporation rates
2012Sateesh Daggupati, Sanjay M. Mahajani, Ramesh N. Mandapati, Anuradda Ganesh, A. K. Pal, Rakesh K. Sharma and Preeti AghalayamCompartment Modeling and Flow Characterization in Nonisothermal Underground Coal Gasification Cavities
2012Gupta, V. K. N.; Mehra, A.; Thaokar, R.Worm-like micelles as templates: Formation of anisotropic silver halide nanoparticles
2012Huang, R.; Patwardhan, S.C.; Biegler, L.T.One way separation principle for a class of nonlinear observers and the robust stability analysis
2012Palanki, S.; Khakhar, D. V.; Bajpai, R.Preface to the Professor K. D. P. Nigam Festschrift
2012Vinay Anant JUVEKAR; Vijay Mukund NAIK; Rajkumar Subhash PATIL; RAJANARAYANA Venkataraghavan An Electrolytic Method for Production of Bleaching Agent
2012Saran, A.D.; Mehra, A.; Bellare, J.R.Superposition of Quantum Confinement Energy (SQCE) model for estimating shell thickness in core-shell quantum dots: Validation and comparison
2012Vinod Kumar N. Gupta; Anurag Mehra; Rochish ThaokarWorm-like micelles as templates: Formation of anisotropic silver halide nanoparticles
2012Boda, A.; De, S.; Ali, S. M.; Tulishetti, S.; Khan, S.; Singh, J. K.From microhydration to bulk hydration of Sr2+ metal ion: DFT, MP2 and molecular dynamics study
2012Malani, A.; and Raghavanpillai; A. and Wysong; E.B. and Rutledge; G.C.Can Dynamic Contact Angle Be Measured Using Molecular Modeling?
2012Walawalkar, Y.D.; Phadke, R.; Noronha, S.; Patankar, S.; Pillai, B.Engineering whole-cell biosensors to evaluate the effect of osmotic conditions on bacteria
2012Hadia, N. J.; Mitra, S. K.; Vinjamur, M.Estimation of permeability heterogeneity in limestone outcrop by pressure measurements: Experiments and numerical simulation
2012Singhal, M.; Gudi, R.D.Optimal batch process regulation using self-optimizing control, NCO tracking
2012Shamayita Kanungo; Janaky Narayanan; V.K. Aswal; Jayesh R. Bellare; P.S. Goyal Study of core–shell structure of cesium dodecylsulfate micelles using small-angle X-ray and neutron scattering
2012Pannala, V. R.; Hazarika, S. J.; Bhat, P. J.; Bhartiya, S.; Venkatesh, K. V.Growth-related model of the GAL system in Saccharomyces cerevisiae predicts behaviour of several mutant strains
2012Mehra, A.The JEE conundrum