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2013Sopan M. Phapal ; P. SuntharInfluence of micro-mixing on the size of liposomes self-assembled from miscible liquid phases
2013Sinha, Priti , Gadkari, Siddharth and Thaokar, RM Electric field induced pearling in cylindrical vesicles
2013Vijesh Bhute; Abhijit ChatterjeeBuilding a kinetic Monte Carlo model with a chosen accuracy
2013Deshmukh, Shivraj and Thaokar RM Deformation of a leaky dielectric drop in a leaky dielectric fluid in quadrupole electric field,
2013M.P. Jain; D. Sathiyamoorthy; V. Govardhana Rao A new model for bubbling fluidized bed reactors
2013V.A.Juvekar;Sanjay Mahajani; Ameya DiwanNitration of substituted aromatics
2013Gadkari, S and Thaokar, RMStability of immersed liquid viscous threads under electric field
2013Mahendra Kumar Prajapat; Supreet SainiRole of feedback and network architecture in controlling virulence gene expression in Bordetella
2013Karunarathne, A., Giri, L., Patel, A. K., Venkatesh, K. V. and Gautam, N. Optical Control Demonstrates Switch-Like PIP3 Dynamics Underlying The Initiation Of Immune Cell Migration
2013Dharmendra D. Mandaliya;Arun S. Moharir;Ravindra D. GudiAn improved Green's Function method for isothermal effectiveness factor determination in one- and two-dimensional catalyst geometries
2013 Purushottam Soni; Vinay A. Juvekar; Vijay M. Naik Investigation on dynamics of double emulsion droplet in a uniform electric field
2013Diptendu Das, Vikas Kumar Rahi, V. A. Juvekar, and R. BhattacharyaStudy of equilibrium & mass transfer of co-Extraction of different mineral acids with iron(III)from aqueous solution by tri-n-butyl phosphate using liquid membrane
2013Saket Choudhary;Vishnu Raj;Sanmugasunadaram K;Gyan Singh Patel;Kannan MoudgalayaScilab on Cloud and Textbook Companion Project: A Web 2.0 Service for Open Source Education
2013Raisa Nadaf; Mahesh Ijjada; Janaky Narayanan; Binoj Kutty; V.K. Aswal; Jayesh R. Bellare; P.S. GoyalStructure of Micelles in Re-entrant Phase of SDS/Al(NO3)3 Solutions
2013Dipanwita De; Manas Sajjan; Janaky Narayanan; Jayesh R. Bellare; Anindya DattaNanoconfinement of Water Layers in Lamellar Structures Prepared in the Presence and Absence of Organic Solvent
2013T Rehman; M Jaipal; A ChatterjeeA Cluster Expansion Model For Predicting Activation Barrier Of Atomic Processes
2013VJ Bhute; A ChatterjeeAccuracy of a Markov state model generated by searching for basin escape pathways
2013Sumit Verma; Tafizur Rehman; Abhijit ChatterjeeA cluster expansion model for rate constants of surface diffusion processes on Ag, Al, Cu, Ni, Pd and Pt(100) surfaces
2013Yogesh Dilip Save;Rakhi R;Shambhulingayya N. D.;Ambikeshwar Srivastava;Manas Ranjan Das;Saket Choudhary;Kannan MoudgalyaOscad: An open source EDA tool for circuit design simulation, analysis and PCB design
2013Pradip Gatkine;Swati Gatkine;Sushanth Poojary;Saket Choudhary;Santosh Noronha. Development of Piezo-electric Sensor Based Non-invasive Low Cost Arterial Pulse Analyzer,